Writing a blog for your business can be very challenging. A blog is a form of providing information, consisting of separate entries that are typically displayed on different websites worldwide. A majority of blogs are interactive, which allow visitors to leave comments and because of this interactivity, differentiates them from other consistent websites. Those writers who write blogs not only produce content to post on their blogs, but also build a special relationship with their readers.

Here in the Middle-East, writing a blog is not very common. But still some of the writers are always finding new ways to attract a lot of people, to read their personal blogs. They also have to keep in mind that the content has to be of high quality, for people to be repeatedly visiting their sites. However, one thing that all the blogs have in common is that, they become viral from the moment they are uploaded on the websites World Wide.

According to a study, only one quarter of the entire world’s population speaks the English language, while 94% speak other languages. So, it has become a very essential to translate your blogs into other languages, so that you can target more potential people. This can only be done by using Arabic blog entries translation services, which can provide you perfect translations in various languages.

Here are some of the reasons why blog translation has become so important.

Gain Traffic Globally

Although, English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, it actually brings only about 25% of internet traffic. Those who speak other languages like Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and many other languages also have a majority share of using the internet. So, if your company is only posting blogs in the English language, you are losing out on a big chunk of internet traffic.

Many translation services like certified language translation services agency can develop a big breakthrough for the world’s biggest search engines like Google. This is the reason why translating your blogs is very important, because it can increase your chances of being seen by every online user all over the world. The more number of languages your blogs are translated into, the more traffic you will gain on a global scale.

By translating your blogs in different languages, you can even help your business gain visibility on many social media platforms in different countries. Whenever a company puts a blog in the English language, the entire content is shared on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This can be very beneficial because the translated blogs, share the same multiplier effect with international social media platforms.

Strengthen Your International Online Reputation

Even though news and media produces scattered, territorial and high-powered information, it has become more difficult and challenging to manage a good corporate reputation. In today’s calculated economy, managing your online reputation is more essential for every company. Where some companies have actually begun to manage their online reputation, there are also many of them who neglect the fact that there is nothing like online reputation, where English is concerned.

Online language translation can smartly translate your blogs, so that your company is able to have its own search engine result page in all languages. That is why news, social media discussions, blog entries along with the availability of other online content in various languages, can help to create a powerful impact on your company’s brand worldwide. Some companies have also used side-by-side translation of their blog content, one in the native language and the other in your desired language.

Are Your Blogs Trustworthy?

Many times your company posts case studies, press releases or any other professional content on the websites worldwide. Similarly the blogs posted there, are considered more genuine and therefore; more trustworthy. According to a recent marketing research, blogs have been found to dominate many other types of content, posted on social networks to influence the people in more quantity.  

Blogs that are written by regular people get connected to their readers more easily, which further add a unique element of fairness and openness. The content of the blog is created and updated all the time, making them more attractive and appealing to the readers, who are looking for the latest information about a product, topic or service.

By getting your blogs translated using online language translation services; you will be able to get a hold of many placements for your original blog. That is why it is very crucial to get your blog translated each time you post it, in order to build trust among your targeted readers who speak different languages.  

Blog Translating Is Very Easy

Many companies think that translation services are very costly. Even after investing so much money in these translation services, it is mostly thought that proper content is still not translated. But this is just a misconception. Getting your blogs translated into all the major languages, is the most easiest and most direct way to maximize your investment return by producing good content.

You can easily locate machine translations similar to Google translations, which can get your blogs translated totally free and instantly. But still a machine translation is not accurate enough to be posted on the websites for the readers. In addition, blogs that are poorly translated with obvious grammar errors, will destroy your entire company reputation.

Establish Your Brand in Your Field

Blogs are the best way to promote your company, as an authority on any particular subject. Your best company blogs provide information on the different trends relating to your industry, which are very valuable to all readers. Being able to provide more legitimate and high quality blog content, can give you an extra edge among your competition.

Arabic Blog Entries Translation Services can improve your status as the key opinion leader, by translating your blog content in all the other languages. Therefore; consistently translating your blogs into many languages can help establish your company globally. Thus, allowing you to more effectively target your international customers.