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Get A Running Start Through Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is an effective and a direct way to share information with the costumers. It builds costumer relationship, improves leads and helps to get the better advertising to build a brand image. Through mobile device you can interact to your audience in seconds, in their own languages.

By using different service as Thai Electronic Media Content translation services provided by the Professional Translation Services Company, you can interact with millions in really less times, in different languages. Certified Translation Services Agency insures you the content you have translated is authentic and is of good quality, which really matters to take your business the sky.

The number one thing that separates a business from its competition is its presence. The fastest mean to connect to your audience is Mobile Marketing. You might think that the internet is the number one way to communicate with your consumers, but 4 to 1 ratio of mobile devices to computers is currently in circulation.

This fact becoming quickly outdated, compare to the 1.8 billion people surfing the internet, and 5.2 billion people have their phones with them right now. People may not check their emails every ten seconds but people read their text messages right away. It is very rare that your message will not get opened. Each message sent is highly targeted specifically for those who are looking for your services. The response rate ranges from 10 to 70 out of every one hundred texts and your business will grow as a result.

How does it work?

Firstly, your costumer opts into your list by texting a special keyword using their mobile. Second, your costumer than receives an automated message of special offer promoting your services. But it does not stop there now you have the means of personally get in touch with your targeted audience.

Basic thing you have take care is the message you are using is appropriate and the language you have chosen is according to the target audience otherwise it would be rejected. Translation Service Provider is helping in translating the electronic media content into various languages by providing Thai translation services for Electronic Media Content.

Let’s say you are a business owner; easy texting allows you to arrange your contacts into groups, like regulars, face book signups, VIPs and Staff. And then you can text everyone in those groups in seconds. So it looks like there is a snowstorm coming, now it is a good time to stalk up on supplies. Let’s send a message letting everyone know about the sales offer. Once your message goes out and your contacts receive it is seconds. Your costumer read it, they come in, they redeem their text and your revenue go up. Easy texting it’s fast easy and affordable marketing that works for every business.

If your business is falling behind than let’s get start taking leaps forward with what is hands down the fastest, easiest and most effective means of marketing to your costumers which is SMS marketing.

Tips for SMS marketing:

  • Clean your database: Sending text to old numbers can be really costly, check the list of numbers regularly and delete those numbers you can’t reach after three attempts.
  • Keep records: Don’t send same message to the same people in a same week. Look after your database and record what you have sent, when, and to whom.
  • Provide opt-out options: Design your text with an opt-out, so that people could stop receiving your text whenever they like to get ready to grab their attention.
  • Make it personal: Use the names and details to make your SMS really count.
  • Time it right: leave enough of the dead line to give people gets a proper chance to respond, if that’s what you want them to do.
  • Keep it short and sweet: if you have 100 to 60 characters don’t waste even one, and there is no need to shout, so don’t use capitals, keep it lower case and to the point.
  • Provide call to action: make sure that there is call to action which is a strong reason for you to get in touch.
  • Review: make relevant messages, and carefully target to people who are interested.
  • Grow your list: encourage your audience to opt-in for more news and offers, use a keyword in separate list and work on your list to grow.
  • Measure your effectiveness: Measure responses you get, the best time to interact with audience, average return on investment, this will improve your next campaign and will build your brand.

Voice Broadcast:  

Another way of Mobile marketing is voice broadcast, it is the technique to distribute message to thousands of targeted audience at a time in the prerecorded form. It is the powerful way to keep in touch with your target audience and augment the devotion by delivering information they care about. If you are going for voice broadcasting campaign, make sure your message is just an announcement or if you want to give your audience the ability to push a button. If you go for second option, you would need an intelligent and next generation voice broadcast.

Record you message and upload it into a system; a system broadcast your message outside to people. A person gets your call and listens to your voice message and when your receiver press the key 1, the call will be disconnected and your sales team got a lead. In this way your audience would get the message when they want to.

The cost of mobile marketing is less but the effects are felt instantly not only this mobile marketing promote your product and services but also built a long lasting loyal fan base for your business. The longer you are in the loop the stronger your existence turns out to be. This type of system is very resilient that once it gains just the little momentum, it doesn’t stop. Before you know it you create a snow ball effect of consumer tuning into news and special offers, and it gets more and more effective as longer you keep doing it.