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Hashtag# 101: How to Deal With a Pandemic?

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Yes, it's a shame how it seems your world is on the lockdown because of a virus outbreak. This pandemic is teaching us survival lessons and for some, it is bringing out the worst in them. The ordeal is real but we all need a ray of hope to make it through the dark times.

Luckily we have the technology to aid our way to shape our hours and to be constructive rather than acting like a Romeo. We have better ways to communicate with each other and take necessary precautions if you want to stay alive.

In a situation like this, there are certain aspects you need to keep in mind to make it through the day unscathed.

How Can You Stay Safe During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Commercials on torture, news channels, print media, etc. every platform of communication is throwing tips and precautionary tips at you on how to stay safe during this dilemma. You need to ascertain that this will do you good and not go against it just until things are back to normal or out of danger zone;

Washing Hands Properly

That’s for sure the main thing. Keeping sanitizers at hand is the most vital commodity these days. While some countries are distributing them without any cost on the other side of the world, the economy is going down; marketers are black marketing sanitizers, tissue rolls just to make a profit out of it. Guys, can’t you just stay humble for a second?

Make a Routine

Stick to your routine of social distancing, and focus on your sleep cycle. If you stay indoors it’s an automatic response to reduce major chances of getting infected. So why not indulge time in healthy indoor activities like spending time with family and focusing on your exercise routine?

Keep in Contact

Social media and other platforms of communications is now live stream. If you can’t go out that’s not a problem, you can keep in contact with friends, colleagues, acquaintances via emails and chats and yes video calls are always a good option.

Work From Home

Work can never stop regardless of how hard times might be, you need to earn a penny to fill the belly. Stay safe by staying at home. All businesses which can operate from can communicate online an be in touch with each other rather easily. Otherwise, one sick person can cause a domino effect for everyone at the workplace. 

Work From Home? Sounds Good to Me! There Are Several Ideas for Jobs Working From Home

From the times when working from home was looked down upon to the times now that it’s the saving grace for all, let’s take a look at the best options we have during this pandemic;

Referral Marketing

A hot seat anyone? Quite in demand, it's based on earning a commission via referral marketing. Let's say when a visitor clicks your links and gets the product, the website will pay you for that per click. One good reason why you should love this idea is that it’s not costly at all! You can save some good bucks out of it.


If you are fluent in any of the languages, you can provide medical translation services online at this dark hour to help people become more aware of their surroundings and what precautions to take. Moreover, you can assist online and provide medical translation services to the online medical institutions who are working on the pandemic. So you see? It's a humane thing to do and you will learn a lot yourself.


Now you do not need to go out and sell door to door, but DIY videos on some of your special recipes will do well to thousands of YouTube followers. If you have a knack for baking, you can share tips, smart ingredients and start a home-based catering business as well! you can always start the scheme within your social circle and outreach outside of your social circle with time.


Got some fantasy roaming in your mind? Write it down. It doesn't matter how it sounds to you if you have an interest in writing and find it the best to write your thoughts or ideas in the shape of letters than go for it. This work requires patience and is easy to start. You can generate money over time once you have made your website and work on it.


People are stuck inside, and it's causing a mess and chaos for many. You can provide consultancy services via video calls and talk to them finding a better way for people to reciprocate in the situation. Besides this, businesses still running (on work from home basis) still required a regular consultancy service, make yourself available and solve the business riddles.


Contrary to the popular belief, a customer service representative job can save you loads if you have the strongest knack for communicating with others. All you need is a reliable internet and your charming skills to pursue the customer. You can earn around $8 to $15 an hour or maybe even more, depending on your skillset.

Editing and Proofreading

Being a translator is helpful but if you are a proofreader, you can provide your services for medical translation service providers as well! one thing you need is your interest in reading and making the content more reliable and worthy enough. as an editor, you get paid extremely well and this will easily kill your time too. 

Graphic Designer

Sharing a tutorial video on how to make perfectly engaging designed content will help you earn not only followers but a lot of money too. The more skilled you are the better clients you will have. All you need is the best tools to start up work in your home base. You can build a website or templates and sell it or work on specific projects and get hourly-paid from it. 

                    Whew! There’s a lot you can still do from home, who knew?!


Being restless is in our nature and it's hard to keep up with the work without having many physical activities to do in a confined space of your home, right?

Down below are some of the motivational indicators that will boost your spirit while you work from home;

Concrete Workspace

Just because you are working from home, it doesn't mean you have to let the chips where they shall but rater define a proper workspace. May it be a garage, your basement or even your bedroom, have it set up with a desk and comfortable chair and that will be enough for you.

Maintain a Schedule

Another thing is you need to maintain your work schedule. You can’t just work, work and work. It will get tiring and boring soon enough. you have the flexibility to work at your own pace and take proper sleep too. Include coffee breaks and stretch breaks in your schedule, to refresh yourself, so you can work with a jogging mind.

Place the Right Equipment

Whatever you have decided to work on, whether as a blogger or a designer, you need equipment to make it work right. Computer, internet access, cellphone, and other supplies (according to the nature of the job) and you need to make sure you have an actively working system.

Wake Up Early

Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise. It’s true in case you are wondering why rhyming words are suitable here. It is scientifically proven (and even if it was not), and use some common sense the earlier you rise, you are most productive in the early hours of the day. Become a morning person so you can work appropriately.

Concluding It All

Desperate time’s calls for desperate measures, there are three things you need to wind up with during this hazardous COVID-19 outbreak. Follow the tips and you will have plenty of options to choose from regarding work from home!

                              Let's be more productive rather than being assertive!