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How many Translators does Mars Translation have?

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Translation of websites, e-stores, documents and any other product is not as simple as it may sound. It is not just about changing the language of the text. In fact, it covers multiple critical aspects, all of which are crucial in order to deliver excellently translated content.

For instance, the feel of the content, the context, the style and tone and other implications are also important to be taken into account for ensuring smooth and enhanced translation. If you want your tailored content to appear as if it was originally written in the same language, you must take professional translation services.

Only the native translators can manage to maintain the natural flow and make the content impactful. They know the cultural nuances, sensitivities and local practices of their region and hence can deliver powerful translations in the right context.

Mars Translation is proud of its diverse pool of translators who belong to different geographical regions and have extensive experience in translations along with detailed and up-to-date knowledge of their specialized fields.

We have more than 6000 translators who are highly skilled, native linguists having proven experience of delivering flawless translations for websites, documents and anything that you may need.

Our translators cover more than 120 languages. Take a quick look at how many translators we have for the most widely used languages all over the world.


Chinese is among the most widely used languages in the world. Besides, it is extensively used in the business world. In order to cater the lucrative Chinese market, you will need to translate your content in Chinese for which we have the best translators who can provide seamless translations in fast turnaround.

  • Chinese Simplified

We have translators for multiple dialects and versions of Chinese. Here at Mars Translation, we have 2076 native experts for Chinese Simplified (Mandarin).

  • Chinese (Hong Kong)

For Chinese traditional (used in Hong Kong), we have 121 translators.

  • Chinese Traditional (Tai wan)

For Chinese traditional (used in Tai Wan), Mars Translation 52 translators.

Our translators know the cultural differences and provide you with meticulously translated content to ensure the delivery of your intended message accurately.


Arabic is one of the most powerful languages and it is spoken widely in the Middle East. If you want to target the promising market of the Arab world, Mars Translation has got you covered. We have 276 native Arab linguists who can provide excellent translations from and to Arabic.


The Italian language belongs to an Indo-European family with its roots embedded in a romance language. Our team of translators also cover multiple Italian dialects and we have 260 Native Italian Translators.


Portuguese is a romance western language which has official status in Brazil and Portugal. Along with some fundamental similarities between Portuguese and English language, there are many critical differences as well. For providing you with seamless translations, we have native and skilled professionals for both countries.

  • Portuguese (Brazil)

For Portuguese used in Brazil, we have 253 expert translators.

  • Portuguese (Portugal)

Also, we have 138 native translators for translating your content into the Portuguese language used in Portugal.


The Spanish spoken in Latin America and Spain have significant discrepancies and only the skilled and native pros can keep track of minor details and provide reliable translations. At Mars Translation, we have top translators for both the versions.

  • Spanish (Latin American)

We have 238 translators for translating your content to and from Latin American Spanish.

  • Spanish (Europe)

For translating your content in Spain version of Spanish, we have 87 professionals.


The French language is also a member of the Indo-European family. It is extensively used in the business world. Along with being spoken in France, it is given the status of official language for about 29 independent states. In order to expand your business to such potential markets, you need professional French translations and we have 214 translators for this purpose.


Korean is among the world’s most popular languages and it is spoken in multiple regions including North Korea, South Korea, China, Japan and USA. In order to cater the Korean-speaking markets, we have 177 skilled translators for your assistance.


Russian is among the 10 most spoken languages in this world. For targeting the rapidly growing Russian market effectively, you need the assistance of experienced and native Russian translators. Mars Translation has 168 Russian translators who deliver exceptional quality content with quick turnaround.


If you are aiming to go Global, you must not miss out the exploding market of Japan. Translating your content into Japanese will drive more business for you. Keeping in mind the global trends, Mars Translation has also hired 149 talented and experienced Japanese translators for your help.


You might be surprised to know that Indonesian is among the most renowned languages of the world.  In addition to being the official language of Indonesia, it is widely spoken in different regions across the globe. For helping the clients who want to target the Indonesian speaking market, we have 136 native linguists who have proven experience in delivering high-quality translations.


The Vietnamese language belongs to the Austro-Asiatic family and it has 6 different tones. In order to get seamless translations with the right context, you need to take the assistance of a local and reliable translation expert. Here at Mars Translation, we have 97 reliable Vietnamese translators for providing you with commendable translations always in time.


German is among the most famous and widely spoken languages in Europe. It is the official language of multiple strong economies as well. For ensuring that you target them in the best way possible, we have 94 German translators who can provide meticulous translations to and from German in several languages.


Thai is not only used in Thailand. Many immigrant communities are located in India, Australia, Canada and USA as well. Thus, translating your online profile in Thai can be incredibly helpful. Here it is important to mention that Thai is also a tonal language for which you need a pro and local expert translator. For providing you with outstanding translations to and from Thai, Mars Translation has 95 native translation experts.


This agglutinative language is the most popular one in the entire Turkic group.  It is also spoken by multiple small groups outside of Turkey in different nations. For helping our clients to target Turkish-speaking audience, we have 90 translators who can translate all kind of content to and from Turkish.


Hindi is India’s official language with about 260 million native speakers. The growing markets of India offer several business opportunities and you may need to translate your content in Hindi from grabbing your share from their rising markets. For your help, Mars Translation has 65 local translators who can translate your content into both Hindi Dialects including the Eastern and Western Hindi.


Malay is a primary member of the Austronesian language family. It is widely spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and some other regions as well. For helping you to target these areas efficiently, we have 58 qualified Malay translators.


Urdu is Pakistan’s lingua Franca and national language. It is also used in India.  If you are planning to entice south Asia market, you may need to get your content translated into Urdu for which Mars Translation has 50 local translators.


It also belongs to the Romance language family. Along with Romania, Romanian is also the official language of Moldova. Interestingly, there are four distinct dialects of the language. In order to get the accurate translation, you need to know who exactly your target is. For delivering error-free and reliable Romanian translations, we have 31 translators.

The Last Words

Mars Translation has a commendable team of professional and qualified translators who cover all the above-mentioned languages and offer world-class translations in different language pairs. If you need reliable professional translation services at cost-effective prices in fast turnaround, we are your go-to option.