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How to decide which languages to localize?


What is the secret of success?
Right decisions.

How do you make right decisions?

How do you gain experience?
Wrong decisions.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (former President of India)

More and more decisions can be made on data and facts let alone your language decisions. You can know a lot about the visitors of your website, web store or company profile in social media and the information can help you making right localization decisions. The following information can help you finding out which languages are important to your business:

1.Website analytics

You can find out where the visitors come from. Then you can analyze their needs and locations to map the languages appeared most.

2.Online marketing

To target your online marketing to the right audience is highly recommended. And it’s also a relatively cheap way to do market researches. By studying the search terms, you will get to know the demand in certain Language Translation Services, if the language is not in your current language selection, congratulations; you have found a new market to localize.


If you repeatedly get emails in the same language, that probably means people want to use language with your product, then you can choose that language to localize your project.

4.Customer information

By collecting the contact information of customers, you can tell their locations. And compare the customer map to the visitor map you will see if there are huge demands in some countries.


Check out customer feedback to see if they need your product in some languages or the usability is hindered by language barrier.

By comparing the information above, you can make a more accurate decision on which languages to localize. Though it may not suitable for everyone, but I’m sure you can get something from researches, it’s no harm to know yourself as well as the customers.

Do you know?

42% of people never use a foreign language when they search or buy things on the Internet.


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