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How To Make The Translated Medical Publications More Valid


Today the medical knowledge serves outstandingly and makes the exposure of people wider. There are now different dimensions of medical, which are serving at best edges to make the life of people worthy. It is the matter of health and standard of life, for which our professionals are serving remarkably. Life is now very relaxing in the context of the developments taking place all around the world.

Coming to the medical publications now there are some set rules and criteria to overcome the flaws in them. Many suggestions are given to the professionals to improve the level of medical Publications in Thailand:

  • It is the responsibility of authors, not to submit and allow the publication in different languages simultaneously. It usually lessens down the strength of a medical journal.
  • The rationale for a medical publication is to improve the standard of publication in such a way, so that the possibility of gaining fame enhances for one journal.
  • Usually due to the peer group interactions, one article is published twice and it loses the reliability as well. So, try to keep the Copy Rights strict.

For making the medical publication valid, they are trying to use the translation services more. This will enhance the level of understanding in a more refined way. Even the Thai Translation Services for Publication is very helpful to acknowledge the understanding of Thai medical knowledge.

Factors affecting the validity of Medical Publications:

There are different factors, which affect the standard and the validity of the medical publications:

Replica Publication:

Usually a duplicate publication of a paper overlaps the information being published. It substantially disturbs the project because when information is being copied again and again, it loses the actual worth. A Reliable Reference is very important for the visible and clear publication. Prior information may include the release of the information in the public domain.

  • Duplicate medical publication of an original research is particularly problematic; the reason is it can result in the unintentional double counting of data and inappropriate calculation of the results. This is the most abundant feature of a distorted medical publication.
  • When researchers are gathering information from the published specifications, they need a trustable data. So, at least they are sure of whatever stuff they have used is a clear statement, based on an original data. For a sound and reliable publications, the experts are providing the Translation Services to enhance the publicity of their medical research, so everyone can access them easily.
  • The author should avoid providing the copyrights for the medical research it actually disrupts the study. When copyrights are available without permission, people can manipulate the information accordingly.

Publication according to Health:

It is now suggested to the medical writers and the publishers; they should focus on the actual health related problems and issues people are suffering with. In the actual event of the public health emergency as instructed by the public health officials, the required information should be immediately published. This dissemination should be carried without the preclude consideration for the publication in a journal.

Health Hazards Reporting Publication:

It is the responsibility of the author and the publisher to make the publication smooth and clear. If you are sharing any information with the public media, government agencies or the manufacturers should be valid enough. If any information has been accepted scientifically, but not published yet, this actually violates the policies of valid publication.

So, make clear the reporting of the recommended information as the therapeutic advances, reportable diseases or the public health hazards, serious adverse effects of any drug, vaccines, biological products and medical devices should be done on the authentic evidences. Otherwise it can cause serious damage to the health, about which you have not even thought of.

Clearance of a Simultaneous Publication:

If you have decided to publish the journals simultaneously or jointly, and you are sure of that doing so would be in the best interest of Public Health, then go for it. However, for your knowledge and a suggestion, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) indexes publishes all joint publications separately. This will help the readers to have a clear understanding. Moreover, you can mention the word (Simultaneous Joint Publication) to clear the readers. These are some very important conditions from which a publisher, editor and author must be aware. Otherwise, it can harm the whole study.

If you look upon the studies, sometimes for the larger trials, it is planned to produce numerous separate medical publications. This is decided on the basis of the separate research questions, but the same original patient is used as sample. It entirely depends on you, either what is your subject of interest. To give a proper understanding to your sample about your research/questionnaire you can use the Certified Translation Services. This service can save your plenty of time form being wasted and render them a proper understanding as well.

If you have several sub studies as separate entities, for example, clinical trials, etc., then it is important for you to use the separate publications. The major part and contribution is the Transparency. So, no matter what your topic of research is, important is to keep your data and the entire medical publication legal. The reason is if your publication won’t be legal and valid, it will have an adverse effect on your population’s health.

Rejection for the Publication:

It is important for you to know, if you attempt any duplicate publication without any notification, it can lead to a rejection for your research. Moreover, if you are aware of the violations and the articles have been published, then the article might warrant retraction with or without your explanation or approval. These are the severe conditions, which you have to meet under such conditions. So, make sure that your whole research and publication is legal. Otherwise, you never know the adverse and prolonged effects to your research.

Even, living in Thailand those who publish their medical researches, it is important for them to use the Thai Publication Translation Services to prevent it from flaws and to render a clear concept to the layman.

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