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How to Prepare a Manuscript for a Foreign Publication?


A manuscript is a document, which is either written by hand or typed, in contrast to be mechanically printed or reproduced in some computerized way. Before printing came into effect, all documents and books were known as manuscripts. Manuscripts are not characterized by their contents, they can be in the form of a book, scroll or in codex format.

Previously in the Middle-East, many writers submitted their manuscripts on paper, which they had prepared on the typewriters. Even today, many publishers will still consider paper manuscripts, other than the ones that are computerized. In today’s world, the international language in every industry is English.

With 7,000 languages spoken around the world, millions of publishers do their work and communicate with each other in languages, other than English. But, if they want to get their manuscripts translated in the Arabic language, they can use Arabic Manuscripts Translation Services. These services can easily translate their manuscripts in the desired language.

Once you have finished writing your manuscript, your work does not just end there. In order to prepare your manuscript for submission to foreign publishers, you will have to work a lot harder. The first thing you need to do is, to at least get your entire manuscript proofread by professionals, which will highlight any spelling, grammar mistakes, spacing, punctuations, font size, color type etc. Getting your manuscript proofread by professionals, will be highly beneficial, because they are the best in their work.

In addition, if English is not your first language, it is natural that your manuscript will be in your native language. So, what happens when you have to get it published? This is where translation services come in handy. Even some of the best translators can make mistakes, while translating from one language to the other. Ideally, you have to use translator providers like Professional Language Translation Services Provider, who can easily translate your manuscript in the best way, because their native language is your target language.

A copy edit will take your manuscript one step further ahead, where any other inconsistencies in characterization are picked up like changes in style or verbiage. By getting a copy edit, you can be well assured that your manuscript is consistent, comprehensive and hopefully well written.  Another thing that you can do is, get it translated into different languages by taking help from Professional Language Translation Services Agency. This way, you can ensure yourself that even people from different cultures are able to read your manuscripts easily.

In terms of the outline of your manuscripts, many of the publishers are very particular about its style and presentation. These publishers would like to see sizeable margins, where they can make remarks, during the review process. According to them, as a general rule, margins should be between 1 inch and 1.5 inches. Without a margin, the manuscript does not look professional. All the pages should be numbered, and a word count has to be provided either at the end of the manuscript, or on the opening cover page.

Certified Language Translation can further help you in translating your manuscript in a way by choosing the words and structure your sentences, ensuring that your meaning is clear. Moreover, it is very important to use Arabic Manuscripts Translation Services, to translate your manuscript content by providing top quality translation, before it is being published.