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How to Register the Birth of Your Child in Thailand


A birth certificate is a very essential document that proves the birth of the child. An official birth certificate includes a lot of information. Firstly, it has the full name such as the first, last and the middle name. Then, the age, sex and the race is also added. The date and place of the birth along with the time of birth is very essential. Then the name of the parent’s and their ages also need to be included on the baby’s birth certificate. Lastly, the name of the physician as well as the hospital is added along.

According to the law, when a birth takes place in Thailand, it is only legally recognized if it has been registered at the District Office. The registration of the child’s birth has to be done within 30 days of the birth. At the Local District Office, the birth certificate is only issued once either the mother or the father of the child has completed the paperwork.

Upon completion of the birth registration, a copy of the birth certificate is given to the parents. Want to know more about how to register the birth of a baby in Thailand, hire the Thai Birth Certificates Translation Services.

The paperwork and the birth certificate are usually in the Thai language, but if you are not aware of this language, you can get in touch with the Document Translation. You have to follow certain procedures in order to register the birth of the child.

  • In order to register a birth certificate, you do not require making an appointment. But however, if you want to apply for an e-passport for your child on the same day, an appointment will be essential. You, your spouse along with your child are obligated to be present at the Royal Thai Embassy, while applying for a birth certificate. In order to register for a Thai birth certificate, the child has to be born in either UK or Ireland and also have a full birth certificate from there. There are absolutely no charges for registering the birth of any child here.
  • There are specific documents that need to be submitted, while you’re applying for a birth certificate. If the parents of the child are married, then a recent photograph of the child, a copy of his birth certificate from UK or Ireland, a copy of both the parent’s valid passports, and also a photocopy of the Thai identity cards or the Thai house registration of both the parents is required. These documents are needed in case the parents of the child are married.
  • While living in Thailand, there are a variety of people who are not able to read and understand the Thai language. They can easily get hold of the quality Language Translation Services to help them out. You can also make use of the Thai Birth Certificates Translation Services, if you want to know the details about how to register the birth of your child.
  • In case the parents of the child are not married, then the required documents you have to submit are different. Some documents are similar while some are not. A recent picture of the child is required along with a copy of his UK or Ireland full birth certificate. A copy of both the parents’ valid passports with a copy of their Thai identity cards or their Thai house registration will also be required.

In addition, a request form has to be submitted, which is completed except for the   signature space left blank. Both the parents have to sign in front of the Consular Office. If the child wants to use the father’s surname, a consent letter has to be signed by the father in person at the embassy. Lastly, a copy of the child custody document has to be provided, along with all the above documents.

  • If the parents of the child are divorced, then different documents have to be provided. As before all the above documents along with a copy of the divorce certificate also has to be submitted, just to register your child here in Thailand. If a child is born to any of the foreign people, Thai nationality is not required, even if they are born in Thailand.

If you belong to any other country and want to know how to register the birth of your child here in Thailand, take advantage of the Thai Birth Certificates Translation Services.