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How to sell your products globally on Amazon?

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Amazon is expanding at an exponential rate. Along with the availability of a vast variety of products, the number of sellers and buyers using Amazon is also increasing day by day. Moreover, the reach of Amazon and the countries where you can market your products via Amazon is also expanding. With the extensively growing network, reaching global markets and selling your products internationally has become easy with Amazon.

Amazon’s most promising International Markets

As per 2018, there are about 13 most trending market places of Amazon. These include both the new and old market places which cover Asia-Pacific, Europe, and America.  Separate selling accounts are needed for every country except for the unified accounts for Europe and North America. Signing up with any of these market places will provide you with access to multiple countries which are included in that unified account.

Perks of Global Selling With Amazon

Going global with Amazon can offer numerous benefits to sellers all across the world.Most importantly, selling internationally with Amazon lowers the cost needed for regional brand recognition. 

Similarly, by targeting international markets, you can enjoy easy access to a wide customer base in multiple potential regions. Moreover, with FBA, customer service and global shipping is made easy.

Major Challenges of International Selling with Amazon

Although there are many benefits of hitting international markets via Amazon, there are certain challenges as well. For instance, when you are dealing in multiple regions, you will have to cater to product regulations, break language barriers and pay special attention to quality assurance.

Similarly, understanding the needs and demands of the audience in different countries can be very challenging. Moreover, another considerable factor is the additional charges linked to customs, international shipping, and taxes.

If you want to sell globally with Amazon and need some tips on how to take a start and what to do, we have got you covered. Following are 4 simple steps that you must follow in order to start hitting global markets.

  • Decide What and Where to Sell?

The first and foremost thing that you should do is identify the primary demands of the target audience. Remember that each country may have different requirements and you will have to do extensive research for finding the exact needs of your audience.

After analyzing your target market, you can easily decide which products you should sell in different regions. So the first step is to decide what products you want to sale in which regions.

  • Registration and Listing of Products

After you choose the kind of products suitable for each of your target markets, the next step is to register your products and do their listings. Using the different Amazon tools, you can manage your seller accounts in an effortless manner on a global scale. Besides, you can easily adjust your listings across multiple marketplaces.

Remember that when you are hitting a foreign market, you might have to translate the listing into the primary language of that country for easy communication.

  • Shipping and Fulfilment

Now comes the shipping and fulfillment. The fulfillment services by Amazon can make it easy for you to deliver your products to the customers, right in time all over the world. Here, it is important to mention that you must understand the shipping and fulfillment prerequisites for each country, and learn about different aspects these two elements cover including time, costs, and requirements.

Besides, you should also make some effort and know more about the fulfillment by Amazon. As per the FBA, you need to prepare your products as per the packing rules of Amazon and ship them to the fulfillment center based in your target market.

After you send the stuff to the fulfillment center, the company will pack, store and ship your items to your customers in the target marketplace. Besides, it also handles customer service and returns and hence makes the global selling easier and hassle-free.

  • Managing Your Business

One of the most valuable steps is to manage your business. No matter which countries you are selling your products to, you must pay exclusive attention to your customer service.  Provide regional country returns and pay via preferred currency options. You can use Amazon’s recommendations and tools for growing global sales and scaling your business internationally.

Localization for Global Reach

Along with considering several other aspects for selling globally, a critical one is localizing your products as per the needs and demands of the regional audiences. It is vital to customize your items to make them more appealing and exciting for the target market. 

The more your product resonates with the potential customers, the more are your chances of increasing conversion rate and it can be effectively done via localization of all your products. Make sure you incorporate regional nuances, cultural preferences and local language for the best results.

Therefore, you must opt for localization if you aim to reach global markets. For best results, you must hire a known, experienced and professional translation services that can break the language barrier and provide you with flawless translations to drive more sales.