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How to skip Google drive virus scan warning about large files


In the previous article, we have introduced how to get direct link from Google drive, but if the file that you will upload to Google drive exceed 25 Mb, the link we mention previous will can not be used. Take it easy, we have a solution!

Step 1:

Please refer to the article “How to Make Direct Link of Google Drive Files”, get your direct link, it looks like this link:


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Step 2:

Open the Chrome browser, enter your URL in the address bar and press enter, you will see:


So how to skip Google drive virus scan warning about large files?

Step 3:

Right-click Download anyway and click Inspect

Google-drive-virus-scan-warning_02 Google-drive-virus-scan-warning_03

What is contained in the "" of href is your link:


Step 4:

Add the “https://drive.google.com” before “/uc?”

Now, the link must be like this link:


Now you can skip Google drive virus scan warning. This modified link will force the browser to download the files.

You can fill the file download link into the text box of Download From, so easy!



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