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How to start Your Career in Transcription?


Transcription is a written version of something. Transcription was usually something that was known as audio typing which meant that if you were a transcriber you had to write down the words in audio and convert it into a transcription. So if you are working in the field of transcription all you need to do is put on a set of ear phones and start documenting what you can hear.

So if you are thinking of starting your career in the transcription industry there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself first.

  1. Do I have good typing skills? In today’s world the uses of computers have increased and because of the printing facilities it has become important that a transcript is in a printed form. So in order to take a print of a transcript you will first have to type it. Hence it’s important that you have an excellent typing speed in order to type fast and make more money, otherwise the job will become very  challenging for you. Many times you might have to transcript documents like Armenian Benchmark Guide Translation, which sounds like a  demanding one, but if you have a good listening sense then you will be able to comprehend and then type out the tricky words without any difficulty.
  2. Do you get tired easily? While doing transcription you need to realize that it’s a hard job as you need to sit down for hours and type and type only. But if you get tired easily and you are lazy then this job might not be very suitable for you. For example, Armenian Benchmark Guide Translation is a long one, and translating it and making a transcript of it can be tiresome and time taking as well.
  3. Do you know the technicalities of word? Do you know about the auto correction characteristics of word? This is very important. Because when typing in speed, the auto correct features can come in handy, and can have great affect on your typing speed. Armenian Benchmark Guide translation will need to be written in Word, so it’s important that you know about all the featured of the “Word”.

So if you are thinking about pursuing your career in the transcript translation services industry then it’s important for you to polish your skills, and get yourself ready for a professional career. Before you apply for a transcription job or translation services and transcript services, it’s important that you do some practice. Some of the recommendations for transcription practice is as follows:

  1. Get an audio of a conversation or interview and try doing the transcription
  2. You need to find out how much time you take to transcribe an audio. For this you will need to find out how many words you can type in a minute.
  3. Get the software’s as well as any kind of technology available