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Huge Difference between Translation Resources: Translation Agency vs Freelance Translators


Translation process is about finding a voice of author. It is not an easy task. It is really hard to script one language to another. There are many translation agencies and the freelance translator to translate content in a proper way. If the content translation goes wrong, it is the waste because community is unable to understand the content. The translator should be clear and accurate for everyone.

When you are running a big company and want to translate your documents into various other languages or you want to translate your important certificates, you require the certified and professional translator. You always have a two option to hire a freelance translator or a translating agency. The question is which one suits you the best when you are going for the most important documents, which are needed to be perfect.

Here is the huge difference between these translation resources:

Freelance translator:

You need get your most important company document translated into another language. Choosing the right provider is no simple task and surly you would not hire untrained translator for this job. You should hire some qualifies freelancers but working with the freelancer can be hit or miss. The question arises that how can you be sure who is qualifies translator?

Here are some misconceptions and some facts about freelance translator and interpreter.

  • Professional translators are highly skilled, trained, and most of them are specialized.
  • Translation and interpretation are two different things some professionals may do both, but not necessarily.
  • Professional translators make use of all kinds of resources to provide quality translation.
  • They know a lot of specialized terminology, and they may look, and act like walking dictionary but they generally have better things to do than memorizing entire dictionaries.
  • Machine translation is fast and easy, and many kinds of Machine translations are free. Some translators use machine translation for specific tasks.
  • If you need accurate, quality, translation, you need a human translator to ensure it.
  • Specialized translators stick to their areas of specialization, which allows them to provide higher-quality translation, faster.
  • Freelance translator may work from home, if you see freelance translator at home the chances are they are busy with one or more projects, research, or training.
  • It can actually be cheaper to hire professional translator to do it right the first time.

Translating agency:

One of the main reasons for using Certified Translation Services Company is to ensure your translation projects needs a higher standard of quality accuracy and consistency. Further a professional translation company that leverages the latest technology in translation memory and assets will reduce your costs over time by as much as 75%. As a professional translation company will provide you and your organization with the following:

  • Triple verification quality control by three different experts’ linguists.
  • A dedicated staff with over ten thousand tested and proven translators.
  • Use of the latest translation technology and design software.
  • Guaranteed accuracy backed by Lloyds.
  • Every professional translation project is carefully coordinated to ensure the final output meet your all objectives.
  • In depth analysis is done of several key important elements including, the need for the glossary of industry terminology and nomenclature.
  • Professional project planning to meet tight deadlines.
  • The creation and use of translation memory and assets that can improve quality and consistency while reducing the cost of each new translation.
  • The readability localization to communicate more effectively.
  • The need of expert programmers to manage more complex projects such as a website and software translation.

Why to hire a translation agency rather than a freelance translator?

  • An agency will be able to offer a full range of linguistic services.
  • A professional agency can handle every type of projects, such as, document translations, website and social media translations, video and audio descriptions, subtitling, and even remote interpreting.
  • With an agency you don’t have to worry about any technical issue.
  • Agencies have their own design that will extract all necessary text and then interleave its translation into that design.
  • They will maintain the look and feel of your original concept, thus saving your time and money.
  • An agency will be able to offer different languages and variants.
  • An agency has a very large pool of resources and linguistics teamed up to meet your criteria, like translators, editors, proofreaders and subject matter experts, so that they match for the right linguistics for the right projects.
  • Industry expert Translation Services Agency has a multiple step quality assurance process.
  • The agency project manager is your unique point of contact for all your language needs.

As technology makes our world smaller, many businesses choose to promote themselves beyond the borders of English speaking world. This means translating there marketing materials into one or more different languages. But to flourish a business it is really necessary to have an accurate translation. The language becomes a consideration when you grow your business crossways cultural and linguistic boarders. Language can become complex internal issue in global companies.

Companies should use the guidelines to come up with the good team work in multilingual settings. Organizations should define their corporate language and as well as set guidelines around when that corporate language is used and other languages are not acceptable.

Like organization may suggest that the corporate language must be used exclusively used during business hours. In today’s world it is very important to understand how you are communicating to your target market as right communication is the only key to flourish your business globally. It you are positioning a global brand make sure you have chosen the right path to translate the advertising content.

When you are choosing between translating agencies, freelance translator and the machine translation, you should just see what is best for your company. As the cost is concerns machine translation is almost free and freelance translator cost you less than the translation agency. But as far as the accuracy and quality is concerned the decision taken in the favor of translation agency can be best for you.

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