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Learn All About Packaging


Packaging is defined as the part of art, science and technology or protecting product for distribution, storage, sale and use. It is also the way of designing and production of packages. Packaging is the process of arranging goods for transport, warehousing, logistic, sale and use. Packaging contains protects, preserves, transport, inform and sell. Packaging is an attractive technique to attract costumer try to use the language by the help of translation services like Thai Packaging translation services to be authentic.

The earliest packaging was used to preserve goods and to wrap trade bundles for transport. Commonly used packaging material in these early times included woven grasses, coarse fabrics, animal skins, basket, wooden crates and boxes. The first people to roam the earth, back in prehistoric items, sought to conserve the surplus food. In the middle age wooden barrels became popular in preserving food. They were used for storing all kinds of solid liquids, protecting them from light, heat and dampness.

Development of packaging

In 1810 first tin can was invented. By 1813 the first canned goods were being produced and sold to the British army. Unfortunately those tin cans were far from safe. An American, Robert Gair, had the bright idea of manufacturing in bulk a precut cupboard panel which, once folded, would become a box. The box became a most important way of packaging at the beginning of the century due its very low price and ease of use.

In 1920, the invention of transparent cellophane marks the beginning plastic packaging. In 1933 the first plastic used for packaging Polythene was discovered. Cellophane came between the eras of World Wars, heralded the beginning of the plastic era. This creation was chased by that of polythene. In the 940s packaging was developed for frozen food. Cans, available from the 1960s, heralded the expansion of the soft drink market place. In 1961Aseptic cartons were invented that have been used for preserving long life milk ever since. In the milk packaging industry the glass bottles were leaded by Aseptic cartons.

In the early 20th century packaging progression, like see-through cellophane wrapped the carton parcels, increased efficiency and improved food safety, increased efficiency and improved food safety. Recycling of aluminum paper based product has been economical for many years. From the 1940s, recycling has increased because of the awareness of consumer and regulatory pressure. In 2003 the packaging sector represented for about two percent of the gross national product in developed countries.

Design of packaging

The early 1900s were the beginning of friendly face appearing on packages, phenomena which would become common place. These faces on packaging were part of a transition of basing judgment of people to judging them based on persona. Over year the use of persona became less and less common but always one thing remained constant: package designers continued to focus on trust, confidence and the building of brand loyalty. There are many professional translation services like Thai Packaging translation services to take care of the content you are using over the packaging.

More cupboards are used and cut down of trees increases. Over packaging is problem it is increasing really fast. Excessive packaging has a serious environmental impact. According to US base Dogwood alliances paper is the still widely used packaging, which was headed by plastic.

Its report the group says in south eastern United States the 25% of 2.4 million trees were put down annually which is the largest paper producing region in the world, ends up packaging. Millions and millions of items wastefully wrapped and scores of large, almost empty boxes are an enormous waste of material and energy: it’s a problem about deforestation, air quality and global warming.  

Never underestimate the importance of packaging

Good packaging can help you to sell your items quickly while poor packaging can make you not to sell your quality product. The way you package your items or products can help to reduce their shipping weight thus their shipping cost. Believe it or not the way you package your items will determine how attractive your product will be before consumer.

Experience has shown that some quality products are not selling quickly despite being sold at a reduced price simply because they are not properly packaged. On the other hand some consumers have ended up buying low quality items thinking that it is of great quality because it is well packaged. If you want to make your product to stand out among others you should package them very well and not limiting yourself to quality alone. You can easily grasp the sensation of clients through the technique used in packaging.

You can communicate effective way of communication, through this you can not only communicate the value proposition but it is also a great differentiator. You can take help from certified translation services like Thai Packaging translation services to do clear communication. Packaging is the key factor that persuades the decision of the consumer either way. Sometimes brands are completely unaware of they don’t pay sufficient attention to it, and this unawareness take them to complete loss.

Future of packaging

In this ecommerce era packaging material pile up quickly. Styrofoam, bubble wrap, foam peanuts they can be reused and can be recycled, but in future shipping material may be more earth friendly. Conventional packing material requires considerable energy to make and emit damaging carbon in a process. Paper is the material that has been around from a long a time and it is easy to take it granted but the climate issues has introduced a feature which makes paper more applicable than before.

Think about it how much of everything sold each day is packaging. It’s easy to see the packaging material with lowest possible impact on the environment is key in switching to a climate smart society. Switching to paper packaging is sustainable long term choice. The packaging of the future literally grows on trees, choose paper. This will take your brand to another edge and it is important for all marketers to pay attention to the packaging with the changing trend.