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Rise of Women Translators: Why We Need Them?

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Roleplay is an important notion that everyone is categorized into. Look into a family, a whole system is looking back at you with the eyes of a father, mother, son, daughter, etc. Likewise, consider the business world as a family, ever-growing and thriving with time. Members keep joining the industry and leave with time, but during their moment of workings, they learn about their achievements, success, and failures and perhaps learn from it.

Now being a woman, your idea of getting a job is far different than that of a man. Why? Because your needs and wants differ on a separate scale. If you take a closer look at all industries you will see women working shoulder to shoulder, neck-deep amid the shark-infested waters only to achieve more.

However, in the translation world, things are rather challenging. You have to be mentally creative with the languages and well smart enough. Think women can do it?

Being a Translator is a Challenging Option

True, any nature of work requires, focus and skills to do it. Gender doesn't define the specific job skill so yes women can be a translator and great ones at that. Breaking the Waves and depleting the taboos in the society, woman as of today is more aware of their career choices and are learning adaptively.

But even besides the hard work, did you know only three women won the PEN Translation Prize in the last two decades?

If you look from the above, women translators are more in number providing professional translation services and to say the freelancing industry is dominated by women won't be wrong at all.

If you think gender has a significant role play in translating a project, then you are sadly mistaken. If you think women do not have the desired skill for the niche industry, then think again because;

1. Women Can Do Mental Work Far Better

One cannot emphasize enough on how much work is required when your brain is engaged in the activity. The stress of doing a job strains not only your mind but also your body.  But as a matter of fact, women respond more openly to words and sounds rather than men. Therefore, it suffices to say women are more capable of adapting a new language and better learners.

Sounds ironically cliché, but it’s an inborn quality the reason for superiority women have i.e. listening closer to words and interpreting their meaning (besides gossiping of course) and they have the natural ability to translate the connotations into other languages (looking at the bigger picture here). Therefore, women translators are covering business, judicial and literary translations on a massive scale.

2. Adaptive Nature for New Work Responsibilities

You can never prove who works harder, men or women. Both work their level best or try to, some more smartly than others, likewise, women are found to be more productive thanks to the technical fact that they are far better educated.

This also makes women prone to be adaptive, to accept new responsibilities more easily and add cumbersome solutions for the problems! Women translators have It rather easy-going if they follow their instinct. Women are more target-oriented and usually are more than capable of meeting a deadline (go girl power!) and their aesthetic sense to organize is far better and developed therefore translating is more like second nature to them. According to a study, women have a higher response rate to work, if they are working under pressure or targeting a deadline. Their quality of work is imperative.

3. Great Team Players Are Hand

A strong team can win in any situation and perform rare individual tasks in the form of groups far better. That's a universal fact for translators. Talk about either website localization, Business translation, medical translations or any other industrial niche, women are great in building interpersonal skills as a team member or as a team leader. They know how to consolidate their work line and team members and how to best organize the workflow that will increase the work efficiency.

One major advantage is that teams lead by women are less hierarchal, they work more as equal members that lead to creativity in translation as well and let's not ignore the fact that women are great helpers as well. Once they are finished with their tasks they tend to help their respective team members and make sure everybody gets along.

4. Translation Needs Collaboration With Communication Skill

Each member is an expert in handling different natures of problems for instance men are more analytical in problem-solving skills and vice versa.

Women are more vocal about their thoughts. Likewise, they are better listeners as well. If you have a female interpreter in your team than they have more acute hearing skills than any other team player. 

She focuses on the tone, structure, and context of the message to be delivered in the other language. Being a part of professional translation services, women translators keenly complete their tasks making sure nothing is amiss out of the content.  Talking about adaption skills (as mentioned above) their nature to bend according to the situation gives than an edge of the male translators as women are not afraid to ask questions or query anything regarding to-be-translated content.

5. Easily Motivate

Consistency is just another name for a female employee. They are blessed with the quality to be consistent in their daily chores but when it comes to working, they are more empowered in terms of meeting deadlines. In a study, it was found that female employees are easy to motivate than male employees as the level of consistency deeply varies between the genders.

Women translators are more prone to reading materials, and research every comma and bits of detail before they jump into translation. Keeping their minds open to new ideas you can expect them to reach their target by the desired deadline rather easily. Likely to understand what a customer needs, female translators, have the leniency to work as a freelancer which is more they can ask for. Having the flexibility to work from home as their work base.

Translation is an Equal Opportunity

It said women are quite intuitive, and it's a fact. Some jobs are best suited to each gender role play but translation is a job suitable to both, men and women. Moreover, if you take a look around you will see woman translator's dominating the industry because of the flexibility of word choice.

Credible work is always appreciable, whether at hands of a male translator or a female translator.