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Sale sheet VS Brochure - Which Is Better for Reaching Costumer?


When we talk about the marketing tools, the top list tools we get are the brochure and the sale sheets. Both brochure and the sale sheet have different purposes although they are used under the single marketing umbrella. These two revolve in the cycle of sale, it is you who has to figure out where to adjust these tools. The cycle of sale is all about marketing your service or product. It starts from grasping the attention of the customer and then informing them which creates interest, which gives birth to several questions related to your campaign. This cycle most probably would end up with the product sale.

Sale sheet:

It is the piece of single sheet, we can say a flayer having an information about the product. As you can see from the size, one sheet can carry limited data. So sale sheet does not have detailed information, it carries limited information about your product to grasp the attention of the customer. It is mostly translated into the target language, by online translation services like Assamese Sale Sheets translation.

Sale sheets are not too expensive it is the best way to gather the audience in less investment. Its purpose is to let people know your product or service, by giving up some important information. After getting interest into your product, they will demand more information asking several questions about your product.


The brochure contains several different sides starting from 4 to 50. Mostly the companies use trifold brochures it contains 3 folds with 6 sides to deal with. It contains a lot more information, the question raised after distributing sale sheets can be answered by the brochure. Brochure comes after the sales sheet in the sales cycle, as it builds the interest of the customer to get more information.

Brochure answers these all aspects of the product, which are reliability, expense, performance and the warranty. Some of the companies translate their brochures to get in touch with the international costumers, as Bangladeshi translated their brochure by using Assamese Sale Sheets translation. These Translation services are really helping them to spread the information of the product throughout the world.

Which one is better for marketing?

The question arises most of the time when enlisting the tools of the marketing, that brochure is more effective or the sale sheet. When we compare these two tools we end up with the answer, you should go for the both while marketing. Because these both tools are really very effective in the marketing, they possess their own importance depending on the prospect.

See whether the person asking for the information is genuinely interested in your product information or just a tire kicker.  For the kickers, you should better choose the sale sheet. But before distributing marketing tool, translate its content by using Language Translation services as Assamese Sale Sheets translation is helping to translate sale sheet. It will help you save your time and money. Always remember this fact every marketing tool is important, all you have to know is its prospect.