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Takeover Of the Government Over ITU


Internet gives us freedom to talk with friend, star a business or speak out against our government or other issues all on an unprecedented scale. This is not a coincidence the internet design came out of an open exclusive discussion by a global community of scientist and engineers. So there was no pressure from above to lock it down, but now the government controls an international body as making a play to become a place where the internet future gets decided, it’s called the international telecommunication union or ITU. Now the internet has expended over the world like a real thing, without which it has become difficult to do any business or other. Even the language over Internet is being translated to other language by the language translation services like Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Web Application translation services to get the content globalized.

The world government has to decide whether to expand the mandate of ITU by making the important decisions about the internet. The ITU can pose a risk to freedom of expression online everywhere. Nobody owns internet, it is the collection of independent networks around the world anybody can build one. The common standards on which the internet was built on was open ground of discussion not on government priorities

What is ITU and the government takeover?

International telecommunication Union is really old concept, which was founded in 1865. The power of ITU is given to the government instead of the public. Web translation services like Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Web Application translation services would help you to get out and read out the real deeds of ITU. Document translation services are doing great effort to help out people to make them aware of the web applications.

ITU is not public or transparent anymore. It is one country one vote model, and gives government all the power. They get to make the decision about internet without us even knowing that what is being discussed. Government than reveals the decision when it is totally done. Some of the proposal which were discovered lead to the cutting out internet access to the number of broadly defined reasons. Violating international human rights norms, giving the government more power to monitor internet traffic and pose regulation on how traffic is sent. New rules for online content which are as: less content available to the developing world and jamming different sites.

ITU has also done the remarkable work by helping world to establish telecommunication network and expand high speed broadband connections. Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Web Application translation services can help you to deeply study the ITU changes in your own language. If you need to fix these problems in order to preserve the problems like openness, pragmatism, and bottom up governance by conveying this message to people, that the government should consult the public before making any decision. ITU is actually the combined work of scientist and engineers and the governments so bring out your voice to government by popularizing this ITU concept in people and content them to get the chance of winning.