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The Anatomy of The Press Release


From the years a simple printed press release is one of the primary tools used by the marketing and public relation professionals, to share news worthy events with radio, television and print media. The services, which make your press release get noticed in many other areas, are Thai Press Releases translation services provided by language translation services company. These Thai Press Releases translation services help you to translate your press release into other languages and spread them all over the world through media.

As a result the ability to get your press release read much and can be acted upon is really tricky. The key to success lies in one simple yet daunting goal, writing the perfect press release. That will not only get your press release noticed but also be read and acted upon by media professionals.

Before starting your need to understand that there is the traditional format that should be followed when writing your press release. And you can simply get in touch with online certified translation service provider to get the right traditional format of press release in any language. Professional language translation service provider would help you to get the different releases according to the media outlet in less time.

The format is pretty straight forward, if you are going to print and mail your release, you should choose your country traditional format. If you are publishing your release online their might be some slight differences. Many online press release sites have text entry boxes and then auto format the releases as the service to users.

Prior to write your release, you should ask yourself few simple benefit oriented questions.

  • What is your objective?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your key message?
  • What is the target audience gain from your product or services?

To answer these questions think like a journalist. Make sure that your answers are news centered. Try to capitalize on current on local events, with in your particular industry. You need to count the news not just the marketers. Remember you don’t have to advertise because promoting a product or services is not news. The media will not syndicate your release if it is advertising.


Create a headline that includes primary keywords, which will bring in interest. Your headline is the first thing your readers see, and if you don’t hook them immediately they would skip over your release. Your headline should not be the repeat of your first sentence. When creating your headline do not use such words or phrases like jargons and generic cliché words. The main focus of the headline should be on news not on your company, don’t mention your company unless it is well known, save that information later in the release.


When writing the body of your release, think of it as a news story. You should use the inverted pyramid style of writing and should integrate the most important part of news in the start. Imagine the normal triangle divided into three horizontal sections, and then flip the triangle that is upside down as tip pointed downward and the base on the upper side. Now the top of the triangle or broad section is your lead. Lead is the main part of a press release where you should mention the main information.  

The most important information is the 5W and the H which is who, when, what, where, why and How. Normally your lead is about one sentence which explains everything about the news. Your lead basically contains the 5W’s, because that might be the only part of the release that people will read.  Statistic shows that most people never read the beyond the first two paragraph of the news story.

The second part is where you put information that build or tells your news. This is where you include supporting information. But things are not necessary needed; you can include the short code here because quotes often increase credibility, awake emotions as it relates to the story.

The bottom or narrowest part of the pyramid should contain the information that is least important. Think of these details in terms of like it would be nice if reader new this otherwise it is not necessary. At the end the company information is included to make reader aware of you. You should also include the short history about your company to make them clear about who you are, which increases your credibility.

Benefits of Press Release:

Most of the companies are not aware of the benefits of the press release. With every piece of content you publish, you are branding your business. When you are writing a press release, you almost double-brand it by introducing your company.  Press releases are mostly regarded with some of the highest veracity and after publishing a press release, your company integrity is noticed too.

Press releases can promote your company on a bigger scale through internet. Press releases also bring up your website more traffic. Include, links to your website within your press release, and people will come. Search engines will pick up your press release, they will be viewed by thousands of people and if your content is good enough, they would click on the links to learn more, therefore increasing traffic to your site.

Press releases improve your SEO ranking. If you are familiar with the internet ranking you must be known to SEO ranking.  And when you include high quality ranking tactics in your press release would definitely improve your SEO rating, especially because press release already gain so much visibility in the search engine.

Press releases increase your business credibility. When you publish an outstanding press release, this will help you to mark yourself as an expert in this big world of competitors. After some time people would automatically search for your news and will read your press release considering it as an important part as you built a trust. And it would be not long after that, that those readers would become your costumers.