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Changing Standard of Translation Services around the Globe

By: Rabia Tanveer Posted on Thu, 08-10-2015

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Recently, the Translation industry has seen a huge boom in business. The business has been great and more companies are trusting these services to jumpstart their businesses around the globe. The things are changing and they are changing fast. There are new tools implemented that cut the cost, cut the time and make the process faster. The companies who keep up with the new trends float along and get benefits. However, this has impacted the global translation standard in a good and bad way.

Just like the content writing industry, these new tools have allowed the translators to use sentences and words they have previously translated that are stored in their Translation memory tool, however, there are many old school translators who prefer to use the old style. Just like there are many tools that check the sentence structure and grammar for the content writer, the translators have such tools now too.

They have allowed the translators to complete the project on time and bring out a quality translation that is valued by the client. It cuts the proofreading time and makes the overall process faster. If used in the right way, it can be a revolutionary tool. However, just like every great thing, it too has its bad effects on the overall translating industry. Subsequently, this tool has allowed many translators with very little talent to make their way in the industry and start making “easy money.”

Just as not everyone can write good content in their native language, not everyone can provide good translation in their native language. Sure, these tools are great, they have made the lives of translators very easy, but it has also put a great blow to the translation industry in general. It is very difficult to weed out bad translators from the group of thousands of translators.

An experienced or talented translator is good even without these tools. He understands the language at a level that is unachievable for these other translators. Most of the times, the talented translator does not even use such tools. Their minds act just as good as any translation memory tool. They can naturally translate the content efficiently without these tools. These tools are mostly used by inexperienced but talented translators until they gain confidence in their writing.

So, yes, there are positives to these new tools and techniques. But they have a huge loophole for people who can misuse them and damage the industry. Translation services are a much needed boost for the businesses all over the world, but there should be a system that eliminated the bad and misusing translator from the one who works hard, makes sure that his translated material is so perfect that the proofreader has no changes to make.