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The Evolutionary Phase of Website Revolution

The Evolutionary Phase of Website Revolution L.jpg

We have witnessed huge IT evolution and we are going to witness it even more. This state of flux in IT revolution has brought out many changes in our life and different aspects of the society. Similarly, it has also changed the way we seek our economic prospects and how we utilize them to meet the new demands of our businesses and economic development.

Transborder businesses hampered the demand for the best translation services to localize the business. Localization helps the businesses to build the potential customers across the border and to engage them to increase the revenue. Website translation is a crucial element of localization which is necessary to make your business in accordance to the customers of the local market. So, with IT advancement, website localization has also undergone many changes and these changes could be marked as the evolutionary phase of the website revolution.

These phase are basically divided into three phases, given below:

  • Website replication – the beginning of the process

As this was used in the initials days and was, like many other early developments, costly, time-consuming, less advanced and technological less efficient. If you wanted to translate your website in ten languages, then you had to translate it separately in ten different languages i.e. you had to make ten different websites for each language. Sounds painful? Well, it actually was painful, especially for the business who had an ever evolving marketing strategies, so they had to go through the language translation process every time. This process involved cutting and then pasting of the content separately for each website. You should be thankful that this phase is over … phew!

  • Content Management System – technological advancement on the way

After website replication method came the CMS (Content Management System) which was more advanced than website replication as you didn’t had to do cutting and pasting of the content in all the websites of different languages. In this system a content management system was used for storing and managing the content. This phase of the website translation is marked with more easement in website translation as time, cost and effort required for translation of lessened; hence, enabling more businesses to go for website translation for foreign market.

  • Net-Proxy – boom in the website translation technology:

Net-proxy is until now the most advanced form of the website translation – making the website translation as seamless as possible. In this form of the website translation, you neither need to cut and paste your website across different websites nor do you have to store your data in the system, because your website is being translated on the spur of the moment within your website. You just get hand on your parent website (in whichever language), other languages are handled by the back end actors who have access to your website and translate your website in the required language through detecting its requirement through the proxy.

So, website translation advancement is all thankful to the IT advancement which has made it possible for businesses to opt website translation without any fuss and furor.