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The Increase of English to Arabic Translation for Business

By: Rabia Tanveer Posted on Fri, 09-10-2015

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The Increase of English to Arabic Translation – Why It Is Lucrative For Your Business


Website translation is one of the most frequently used language services around the world. It makes sense for companies to have a different language version of their website for their target market. It is a trend that will never end, every company wants to claim a space in the vast internet web and make their point there. It is the best possible way to make a name for your company and become a brand in the international market. In the beginning, companies were expanding into the European market so there was a huge influx of French, Spanish, Italian, German and English translations.

Now, the companies feel secure enough to delve into the Middle East countries. This general area has the potential to become one of the best revenue generating areas of the world. That is why we are seeing an influx of more Arabic translations. More companies are translating their websites and documents into Arabic to cater to their new clients. There is an eagerness to enfold the “western” brands in the Middle East. However, these countries are not as eager to learn the “western” language.

This is why the companies are constantly seeking Arabic translation services. As a new market they are more prone to accept the mainstream trends of the western world, companies are creating a different translated versions of their website and cater to their needs.

You will be surprised to know the amount of good these countries can bring to your companies. These countries have huge potential. For example, did you know that by just adding some of the Middle Eastern countries to your market, you can add over 200 million new clients to your current reservoir? And this is just the beginning. Arabic language is very rich and old, which means it is spoken in a multitude of countries. If you want to be exact, it is spoken in 26 different countries, plus, as the Holy Quran is in Arabic, the whole Muslim nation of the world understands it to a certain degree.

If you take this route, you have 50 countries with Muslim majority and 1.57 billion people are Muslims, which makes it 23% of the world. The potential is great and very attractive. However, it needs to be exercised in the right way. Your trek into the Middle East world needs to be perfected before you can take it to the target market. For that, you will need the help of a professional translation service provider that has native Arabic speakers and writers for this job.

Sure, anyone who has good knowledge of Arabic can translate your content, but natives have a certain grip and understanding of the language that only a person who has grown up speaking it has. Such translators are real gems, so do your research before you hire any company, because your whole future depends upon it.