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The Secret Is In The Audio


The issue of most of the people now is to learn a language when moving from place to place. The secret behind learning language in really less time has been discovered, which will take yours 30 min a day and you will learn to speak in 10 days most probably. There are many training materials given in the form of CD’s in the market to learn language by consulting several online translation services company like Portuguese (Europe) training material translation services to get the second version of that language training material.

Now just to be clear 30 min does not mean 30 min of torture or trying to cram the grammar rules and spending endless time with flash cards or using any of the traditional way of learning a foreign language taught in school, universities or by a private language tutor.

When you study any second language in college or school, you practice grammar drills, you study syntax, memorize conjugation for an endless list of verbs. After all that effort most of the students still struggle to speak comfortably with natives and don’t have perfect pronunciation.

The biggest insight into language learning that was discovered almost 50 years ago by DR. Paul Pimsleur, who can also be called as the Einstein of learning language. If you want to study his discoveries in detail you can take help from language translation service agency.

Before written history, the oral history came into being. Even today the 25% of world’s population of 7 billion can’t read, which is 2 billion people. But these individuals interact and function normally with each other. Before you learn to read and write you learn to speak.

DR. Pimsleur has discovered that how adults can learn a language dramatically faster than children through unique audio method that literally fills your brain into leaning. His full approach to language learning can be summed up by the statement, when you know what sound right, everything else is easy. You first learn to speak but interacting with parents and you can learn language by conversation.

If you cannot speak another language, and you have tried to learn before, you have probably doing something wrong. When you hesitate speaking other language, you may have difficulty remembering vocabulary, you may have a thick accent perhaps, you may spends hours to memorize flash cards and when you talk to the native, you don’t get anything. That’s no way to learn

You have to interact with audio before reading or writing as the child does. Learning like a child would help you speak the language you are facing difficulty with. You can listen to the audio anywhere even while doing activities. This approach will keep you in touch with the language you are desperate for to learn. You can also interact with the people around you of same language in order to get fluent with the language. There are many Professional Portuguese translator out there to translate any audio for you to learn language available from the services like Portuguese (Europe) Training Material translation services.