This Is How Dutch Consumers Shop Online Internationally – Netherland Customer Purchasing Trends!


The Dutch online shoppers are very savvy. When it comes to international online shopping, the Dutch consumers are considered to be the toughest nuts to crack. And they don’t trust that easily.

  • 67% of Dutch consumers shop online.
  • 37% of them prefer to shop internationally.

Where Do They Shop?

Top Destinations:

The websites they do trust belong to the following countries:

  • China – 12% Dutch Consumers
  • USA – 13% Dutch Consumers
  • Ukraine – 12% Dutch Consumers
  • Germany – 15% Dutch Consumers

What Do They Shop?

  • Consumer Electronics – 26%
  • Travel and Transport – 28%
  • Apparel, Clothes, Footwear and Accessories – 44%

How Do They Find You?

  • 38% of the Dutch consumers go to the websites that they know of.
  • 56% of them go to the websites they have used in the past.
  • 29% go to the websites directed by search engines when searching for a specific product and brand.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Revitalized

  • 25% of the Dutch consumers like to shop internationally online with heir mobile phones.
  • 9% of them like to pay for their purchases with their smartphones.

What Urges Them To Shop Online Internationally?

  • 39% shop online because it provides a safe way to pay for their purchases.
  • 40% shop online internationally for the free shipping.
  • 36% do it because of the free return shipping.

What Turns Them Off?

  • 44% have concerns about never getting the items they paid for.
  • 38% are concerned about return shipment costs.
  • 39% do not shop internationally online because costly delivery charges.
  • 38% are concerned about insurance of the item and buyer’s protection.

Why Do They Abandon Shopping Carts?

  • 19% abandon their carts because of unclear fees, duty charges and custom fees.
  • 19% do not want to register for an account.
  • 19% don’t because of long delivery charges.
  • 19% don’t because confusing checkout process.
  • 37% don’t because of high shipping charges.

Why Do They Return Your Products?

  • 13% of Dutch consumers return their online internationally purchased items.
  • 4% did it because the product was not as described.
  • 7% no longer wanted the product.
  • 3% always intended to return the product.

Freight Forwarding – A Major Issue

  • 12% of the Dutch consumers use a forwarding address.
  • 6% of them use a freight forwarding company.
  • 24% of them used the company because the websites did not ship to Netherland.
  • 53% chose the company because it was cheaper.
  • 21% of them wanted to reduce extra fees and taxes.

Currency Conversion

  • 72% of the Dutch consumers prefer to make purchases in their own currency.

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