The Italian consumers are very tech-savvy when it comes to online shopping. They have their own advanced e-commerce industry; nevertheless, they are not scared of reaching out and trying the vast international e-commerce.

  • 71% Italian consumers enjoy shopping online.
  • 51% of them prefer to shop internationally.

Where Do They Shop?

Top Destinations:

The Italian consumer patron the websites belonging to the following countries.

  • 24% Italians prefer to shop from UK web stores
  • 18% of the Italian consumers shop from USA e-retailers.
  • 23% of Italian consumers like to shop from German websites.

What Do They Shop?

  • Consumer Electronics – 37%
  • Apparel, Footwear, Clothing and Accessories – 42%
  • Entertainment and Education – 27%

How Do They Find You?

  • 52% of the Italian online patrons go to the international websites they have used in the past.
  • 37% of them like to go to the website they already know of.
  • 38% of them go to the websites they find via search engines when searching for a brand or product.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Revitalized

  • 37% of Italian consumers use their smartphones to shop internationally online.
  • 12% of them pay for their purchases with their smartphones as well.

What Urges Them To Stop Online Internationally?

  • 45% of them shop internationally online because they have a safe way to pay.
  • 37% do it because they can find hard to find products.
  • 43% of them like to shop internationally online because of the free shipping.

What Turns Them Off?

  • 37% of the Italian consumers are concerned about never receiving the item.
  • 34% of them don’t shop internationally because of the high delivery charges.
  • 34% of them don’t shop internationally because of the tax, duties and custom charges.
  • 34% are concerned about counterfeit goods.

Why Do They Abandon Shopping Carts?

  • 33% abandon their carts because of high shipping costs.
  • 27% abandon carts because of unclear duty and shipping charges.
  • 25% abandon carts because of long delivery time.

Why Do They Return Your Products?

  • 15% of the Italian consumers return their online international purchases.
  • 9% do it because the product was not as described.
  • 4% no longer wanted the product.
  • 3% always intended to return the product.

Freight Forwarding – A Major Issue

  • 21% of the Italian consumers use a shipping address when shopping internationally online.
  • 9% of them use a shipping company.
  • 45% of them use the company because it is cheaper.
  • 24% Italians want to combine multiple shipping from multiple stores.
  • 20% Italian used the company because the website did not ship to their country.

Currency Conversion

  • 74% Italians prefer to make payments in their currency when they are shopping internationally online.

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