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Three Basics Keys To Advertise Globally


When you are advertising globally first thing you have to understand is that same ad would have different feelings and opinions in different parts of the world. Feelings, languages and images these are three basics things which should be considered important while advertising globally. Many companies take help from Online Certified Translation Services Company provide the services like Arabic translation services for Brand Testing to translate the content for advertising appropriately.

Feelings and opinions:

Just because the ad worked in one country doesn’t mean it will work in every country.  Things like languages, images and believe may not transfer country lines and may feel consumer negative towards your brand. The new technologically and socially driven global business environment in which you now work in is the new obstacle that advertisers have to face with global advertising.

 Just because you play an ad in one country does not mean that it will not be seen in others anymore. You tube and Vimeo are the sites which can play the Ad for anyone or anywhere in the world. It is now not enough to worry about offending people in certain countries with you ads but now you have to worry about offending people globally.


The most important issues is the language that has come up in the way while advertising globally. Using the right language in different countries can be extremely tricky. You may think that you have translated your slogan correctly but it may in fact be wrong and extremely offensive.

The case of Pepsi ad in China is the perfect example of translation errors. Pepsi has the slogan Pepsi brings you back to life, when translated in Chinese it became the Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave. It is easy to see why Chinese did not like this slogan.

You can also take advantage of Online Translation Services Agency who helps you to translate every material into any language you demand for by providing Arabic Brand Testing translation services. Online Professional Translation Service Provider is really convenient to use online and it guarantees the quality, than you don’t have to worry about the translation issue concerning your product.

 Issues like this occur all over the world, marketers and advertisers need to make sure that they have translated their message or slogan appropriately before advertising any product or service. if not done correctly the deprecations can be extreme.


Another that marketers consider is the use of images in the global advertising. Images can hold different meanings in different countries cultures. As a marketer and advertisers, need to choose the right images to not offend certain people of culture.

Like in Japan the soap product was advertised, the ad shows that Japanese man walked into the bathroom while her wife was in a tub. In America this image may be acceptable but in Japan it is extremely bad manners to impose on his wife privacy. Women in Japan were outraged by the commercial and it had to be depot.

When thinking about what images to show in your ad, you must understand some cultural and gender norms of the country you are running the ad. Knowing these norms can save your lot of time, money and embarrassment. Even something as simple as colors can have different meanings in different cultures in different countries. For example, the color red symbolizes good luck and celebration in china and in Russia red stands for communist. 

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