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10 Tips to Take Advantage of Translation Services

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For the past 5-6 years, Translation Services have seen a great boom in business. Although, large corporate firms have been taking advantage of these services for decades. Many international corporate firms like HP, Dell, Coca Cola, and Lay’s etc. have been using Language Translation Services to help them promote their services all over the world.

However, in the past few years, the scope of these services has increased. Now, almost every company is using translation services to help them promote new products and services in different regions and countries. With the businesses and corporations going international, the Documents Translation Services have proved to be a great asset for the business community at large.

The translation services have always had a great approach. As these services were created to make sure that the barrier between languages was taken down, the current demand for Quality Translation Services has allowed these service providers to take new heights and enhance their services.

However, despite this fact, there are still many industries that are unaware of the advantages of translation services. Many times, these companies are thinking about expanding and reaching new areas or regions, but they hold back because they feel that, language translation services would be too expensive or out of their budget.

This is, perhaps, the most common misconception about translation services. These services are not only affordable, but they are also created to cater to all your needs, regardless of your budget. Just like this, there are many other misconceptions about translation services that are holding the companies back from possible boosts.

In this era of staunch competition, every company needs to have at least one edge over their competition to stay in the game and keep their footholds. In a niche market, it is very important to have something that will keep you afloat. Having quality translation services to back you up by providing quality localized translation services can help you with your sales and even your brand image in your new region.

Here are some of the major advantages of translation services that everyone must be aware of. Remember, these services can be lifesavers and a lifeboat to carry you on and help you survive and conquer.

A Wider Audience Pool:

With the help of translation services, the corporates and organizations can actually have a chance at a wider audience pool. The main aim of these services is to provide localized services that will be fluent and accurate.

The reason all the major corporation choose translation services is because these services hire native speakers who are fluent in both your target language and source language. The advantage of this strategy is that, your readers will get to experience the content that is written by one of them, a person who understands the target language just as well as they do.

This will make their experience better and a lot more personal.

An Experienced Approach:

Believe it or not, but even the most recently launched language translation services will have at least 10 – 15 experienced writers for their main services. As these services rely on the translators and their experience in the field, the companies try to hire only those translators that have at least 2 years of experience. The companies that have been a part of the translation industry for a long time have translators who have 8 – 10 years of experience under their belts.

So, for every translation project you offer them, they will bring you a translated material that will be accurate, precise and one hundred percent perfect. Why? Read the next point!

Tools of Trade:

If you have done a little research on the translation industry, you will already know that many translators and translation agencies use modern translation tools called the CAT tools. To simplify it, CAT tools are basically tools that help a translator to complete the work on time and as accurate as he can while staying efficient.

Tools like Translation Memory help the translators to save time and make sure that words get their accurate meaning. Many such tools are now offered to the translators so that they can complete the job as efficiently as they can. However, you must know that these translation services never use machine translations. They rely on human translators to provide the needed Fast Translation Services and have a proofreader check it before it is sent to the client.

Multiple Language Support:

The reason many multi-national companies decided to use the language translation services was because these services are offered in a variety of languages. Many translation services offers as many as 120+ languages. If you have a translation service in your vendor list, chances are you all always find a service for the language you need, or your language in the service you need.

Industry Experts:

Many translation services make sure that they have at least 4 – 5 industry experts in their team. Ideally, all the good translation services have 15+ industries and have industry experts in every single language. Some companies even do their best to hire only industry experts in every particular language so that the customer always gets the best results.

The reason why industry experts are given such importance is that experts are familiar with the industry specific jargon and they are the best people to decide which translated word would fit best in the sentence. Such knowledge is very important when a translating documents from industries such as legal, automotive and even chemical.

Proactive and Efficient

You might have already deciphered that these translation services are very efficient. The main aim of these companies is to provide quality translations in the least amount of time as possible. Many of the companies will give you an estimated deadline, according to the size of your project.

If your project is small, many times, it will be delivered on the same day. And if you want something translated quickly and on short notice, these services can manage that too. Plus, these service providers are very pro-active. If they feel your document is lacking something, they will point it out and help you eradicate them. Everything they do, or you will first approve any changes they offer before they are implemented.

This is the reason why every big project has a team lead that will make sure that everything is going on smoothly, properly and on time. If there are any setbacks, he or she will keep you informed about everything and give you an estimated completion time if something stops the progress.

More than Just Translations:

One of the best things about these services is that they are more than just language translation services. They also offer a plethora of services that are at once useful and very resourceful. For example, these services offer DTP service (Desktop Publishing Service). This will allow you to have your translated document saved in a format of your desire.

Many of the translation companies also offer services like Subtitling Services, Voice-Over Services, Transcription Services, Trans-creation Services, Interpretation Services and even Website Translation Services. Also, many of these service providers make localization part of the service of your choice, so you don’t have to pay separately for that.

Apart from that, if you have any special requests, you can always ask and the company will help you the best they can.

Rates Are The Best:

Most of the times, people believe that translation services are expensive a waste of money. Many of them believe this because they have either fallen prey to the stereotypes or they believe the myths surrounding the translation services, because today’s translation services are very inexpensive and in your budget. If you choose a good translation service with years of experience, you will notice that the rates are transparent and cost effective.

Due to the competitive nature of these services, many of the companies try to provide the best quality services at the cheapest rates possible. These companies also offer discounts and deals to their faithful customers (or even first timers). So if you are afraid that services are out of your budget, think again.

These services try their best to cater to all types of businesses belonging to every industry (whether small or large). If you have a language need, they probably have a service for you.

Website Localization:

There are plenty of translation services that will translate and localize your website for you. They will make sure that the existing content is suitable for the new audience and that it is suitable for the new region. Many translation service providers offer services in which they will help you have your domain name changed or translated in the language of your choice, have it registered and make sure that it fits well in your niche market.

Of course, they will also make sure that the content on the website is suitable for the niche region and the industry. As these services hire experts, the website will be localized by a team of professional translators who are experts in your industry. Along with that, these services also have teams of designers and developers who will make sure that the website looks good and brings the best brand image for your company.

Also, these companies have a team of designers on hand, if you want to have some images added to the website with a new content, they can create high resolution images and have them posted on the website. Key word research is not an issue for these companies as well. As they have experienced professionals, they will research the keywords in your target language, have them approved and add them to your website (so, one less thing for you to worry about).

Translation for the New World:

As the world is expanding, the translation services are providing services for every single type of industry and this include technology as well. Even many software houses and app making companies are hiring the translation services to have their apps and software translated and localized in their target language. Even small scale companies are using these services and having great results from their international clients.

Many of the online RPG games are using these services. As these online games are played online in real time, RPG game makers rely on translation services to make sure that the players all over the world get the same experience in their own languages.

These are just some of the major advantages of translation services. There are many more advantages. Every industry has its own set of benefits that it reaps from these language services. The language translation service is very wide; it encompasses all nations, identities, business types and industries. The scope of these services is very wide and the best part is, they are available to everyone.

Anyone who needs translation service can have it instantly, with just a click of your mouse or a tap of your finger, you can have your desired translation service in the language you want. Many of the companies have instant quote pages on their websites where you can easily see the cost of the project, compare it with other service providers and choose the best.

But remember, experience matters. So always go for a company that has years of experience and is certified by ISO. If ISO, UKAS and TAC have certified your chosen company, then you might have a gem on your hands. Always look for a portfolio and if it is not available online, you can always ask for it and they will provide it. And if you are picky about whom you choose you can even hire a specialist firm that specialized only in your industry.

Remember, there are plenty of choices and all of these choices are in your budget. The translation services were devised to cater to your needs, no matter how staunch they are. If you have a need, they will have a solution for you, no matter how impossible you think it is. In today’s world, nothing is impossible and the sky is just one of the frontiers that you can reach.