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By: Eric Nelson Posted on Thu, 21-05-2020

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How Language Professionals are Helping Amid Pandemic


Translators around the globe are the ones who hardly have to leave their homes for work. Their job description does not require them to go out and most of them usually work from home. However, the outbreak of Coronavirus which has affected a range of business industries all over the world has also affected the language professionals.

Many countries across the globe and almost all the companies are affected due to the virus in one way or the other. Everyone including the governments and doctors is trying to figure out how to handle this situation and what long-term consequences the pandemic is expected to bring on the economy and healthcare systems. Meanwhile, the linguistic experts are working hard to translate the medical data and the latest research about COVID-19 to provide the health care workers and the general public with accurate and helpful information.

Infodemic: The Potential Harm Caused by Misinformation

In the current situation where everyone is trying hard to fight the coronavirus and prevent its spread, the public is faced with another challenge. Inaccurate information from different unreliable sources is floating in the world and it is being spread faster than the coronavirus itself via social media.  The availability of inaccurate information is quite harmful and people might get themselves in trouble by following the wrong safety measures. It is quite challenging to differentiate between accurate and inaccurate information and therefore, it is always better to seek information from the official channels only.

It is the time when all nations should unite and make collaborative efforts to help everyone get accurate information regarding the precautionary measures and treatments by eliminating language barriers. This is where you need assistance from language professionals like translators and interpreters.  

The linguistic experts are working with health care professionals and other relevant authorities to ensure a fast, flawless, and easy exchange of accurate information in different languages.  Considering the significance of vital information in the public’s language, the health care industry is hiring professional translation services in different regions across the globe.

New Zealand’s health ministry is providing information regarding coronavirus in many widely spoken languages. They are covering multiple languages to make sure that every citizen gets easy access to accurate information regarding the prevention and safety against COVID-19. The necessary details regarding the spread and advice are available on their official website in different languages including:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Korean
  • Italian
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • French
  • Farsi
  • Indonesian

Moreover, in order to help the Spanish community in the United States, the administration of President Trump also used translation services to get critical coronavirus-related information translated.

Thus, the language professionals are doing their best to help people stay updated with the latest information regarding the virus and their help and it’s worth appreciating contribution to solving this global crisis.

Translation of Medical Research

Academic research is one of the critical areas where dedicated help by the translators can actually make a difference and help in the fight against coronavirus. Translation of the latest research content actually helps to bridge the gap and enhances collaboration between scientists and laboratories across the world.

It is obvious that the information available in one’s native language is always easy to grasp as compared to the information provided in a foreign or second language. Many of the researchers do speak English but it’s not their mother tongue. These researchers and scientists are already going through a lot these days and expecting them to give their best by giving them data that is not in their own language is not fair. That’s where translation services come into play.  In order to help medical researchers process the available information with ease and work faster, translation is the best possible solution.

On the contrary, if they are given data in a language that they are not very familiar with, much of their time will be wasted just in trying to understand the provided information. The present situation where everyone desperately wants this trouble to end, timely services of the scientists is very important. Thus, to help them work efficiently, translation is essentially important.

In the current scenario, the services of translators are invaluable. They are helping medical researchers by translating the required content into their native language. Similarly, translators help to communicate the research results to authorities in their language.

The services of linguists in this situation are no less than a blessing as they streamline easy and effective communication among laboratories operating in different parts of the world. It is due to their help that the relevant information is made available to a large number of people in a short time.

Medical translation is not a piece of cake and there is no room for error. Particularly, for the research and instructions including precautions for prevention of COVID-19, high accuracy is needed. The translators dealing with such information must have past experience and rich industry knowledge so that the essence of research is not lost during the translation. If you also need fast and reliable medical translation services, Mars Translation can help!

Considering the need of the hour, many reputed organizations are working with language service providers to make valuable information available to all the countries that are affected by the coronavirus. It is because of the dedicated services of language experts that everyone including patients, doctors, and researchers, has instant access to update information resources including guides, articles, treatment plans, etc.

Impact of COVID-1P on the Translation Industry

As per the information provided by Slator, just like many other businesses, the translation industry professionals are also having a tough time. The crisis is affecting both the translators and interpreters. However, the long-term consequences are not yet identified.

Unlike many other professionals, translators usually work from home. So they have this advantage that they can continue to work during the lockdown as they are working before. But, as many of the organizations are busy fighting the effects of the pandemic, a large number of localization and translation projects might get delayed or canceled.

As per the International Federation of Translators, over 5000 Italian linguists lost over 10 million euros just in one month because of the COVID-19 outbreak.


In this global crisis caused by the coronavirus, professional translation services hold paramount importance. They are helping to exchange useful information between researchers,   governments, and the general public. They are making valuable information accessible to all by breaking the language barrier and playing their part to fight against coronavirus.