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Translators and Interpreters – What Can They Do To Become More Successful (Part 2)


Here I am again, with another installment of “What Can They Do to Become More Successful.” I have more advises to help you understand what you are doing and what you should stop doing. Being a translator or an interpreter is not easy because we have to regularly interact with people who might be strange, or for a better word, unusual. So how can you overcome all of these “hurdles” of sort and become the best of what you can be?

It is actually pretty easy. Remember the “Translators and Interpreters – What Can They Do To Become More Successful? Part 1”? Remember what I highlighted again and again? Patience. You need patience, a bucketful of patience that you will have to carry with you throughout your career. So what else is there that you can do to become a successful translation service provider or a successful interpretation service provider? Um… there is still a lot left to cover so buckle up folks because we are going on a ride.

When it comes to skills, be honest with yourself and with your clients. Remember, you must understand your skills because only then you will be able to improve them and impress your clients.

Always remember that no one can get high rollers and big paychecks by chance. You will have to prove your worth and your talent to your clients before you can get that “asking rate paychecks. Trust me, many translators are getting that, but they had to work extra hard to get to where they are now. If they say otherwise, they are either geniuses or they are just showing off to intimidate you.

Also, play nicely. If someone is giving you feedback, it is actually good for you. Take the feedback, ingrain it into your brain and improve your writing. Never take it as an offense and never attack back because the person just wanted to help you (probably). Another person to be nice to: your clients. Remember that they are the ones who guarantee your paychecks so be nice to them. The people who say the clients are a dime a dozen, they do not know what they are talking about or they are from another dimension. High paying clients are just as elusive as a quality, highly experienced translator or writer.

Be kind and reasonable. This is the Key to Success. Never send angry emails because they can be career destroyers. Think wisely and choose words very intelligently.

Never rely on anyone else to give you information. Always be self-sufficient and go out of your way to learn new techniques and tech-savvy tools. Do not be afraid (or a cheapo) of buying new tools and dictionaries. They will help you make money quickly and actually help you improve your translations. And one of the golden rules: never mix your business and personal expenses. That is the worst possible thing that you can do. Be smart because you do not want to suffer bankruptcy.

Improve your typing speed, because that is the one bringing in your bread and butter. Practice these and sit tight because I will be back. I got a couple more of these to dish out!