Why do ICO Companies need to translate their White Papers?

By: Jason Posted on Tue, 02-04-2019

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The initial coin is the talk of the town nowadays. The massively rising fame of ICO is because of its valuable assistance in collecting initial funding needed by the budding and new startup companies.  Because of the rising popularity, many different organizations are adopting this approach ion the early developmental stages to collect handsome investment capital with which they can build a solid foundation of their business.

The term ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering which allows different firms to provide cryptocurrency which works as an efficient means of quick fundraising. Here it is important to mention that the ICO includes bitcoins along with multiple other cryptocurrencies.

This technology of Blockchain is growing rapidly and many different industries are utilizing its extending supply chain.  Several known names have launched their Blockchain platforms and many more companies will soon begin in the coming time.

 For making the initial coin offering successful, companies should make an attempt to attract huge and significant investor bases from multiple potential regions across the globe instead of targeting only the local markets. 

For grabbing the attention of foreign investors and enticing them to consider you worthy of their investment, you need to develop a strategic marketing approach and blend your innovative ideas as well. It is quite evident that marketing of ICO is way different and challenging than the rest of the product categories.

In order to tackle the skeptical ICO target audience, the most effective and primary marketing vehicle is a well-written Whitepaper.

For all the old and new ICO companies, the most valuable marketing tool is the whitepaper which holds the power to either build their reputation or ruin their brand image.

What is ICO Whitepaper?

Make sure you don’t confuse your business plan with the ICO whitepaper as both these are entirely different things. The Whitepaper actually works as a powerful and most influential medium through which you can easily convey the helpful and crucial information regarding all the technical and financial features of your ICO.

ICO Whitepaper Elements


The Whitepaper should clearly state your aim and objective of the upcoming project. Make sure there is no ambiguity in conveying the intentional purpose of ICO. Set up an innovative goal for the attractive target market and standing ahead of competitors.


Writing a detailed procedure of integrated technology to let the investors know where they are going to invest their money. Remember to present the technical information in a simplified manner so that the target market can understand the concept.


Add a section in your whitepaper to emphasize on your companies achievements and strengths. Include your firm’s experiences and industry expertise. This part of the ICO whitepaper can be a powerful means to boost your credibility and attract more potential investors.


Here is another aspect that your ICO whitepaper should cover. Remember to include the potential positive outcomes that your firm can achieve after the promising success of your project. Include your central idea in an attractive and comprehensive manner and make it reader-friendly for the investors.

Why ICO Whitepaper Translation is Important?

As mentioned above, the whitepaper is the major and most significant marketing tool for the ICO and it can be incredibly helpful in driving huge investor bases from all over the world. For ensuring that your message regarding the ICO of your company is conveyed properly, it is essentially important to present your whitepaper in their regional language.

English is not the only business language anymore. In many regions all over the globe, many languages are more famous than English and you need to transform your ICO whitepaper accordingly to gain their attention.

To make your ICO launch successful, it is vital to prepare a multilingual Whitepaper

If it is only presented in English, you won’t be able to grab the attention of potential investors from several non-English speaking nations. Simply put, for grabbing the attention of foreign investors from multiple regions across the globe, it is essential to translate your whitepaper into their key languages.

No matter how well-written your ICO Whitepaper is, if the international investors fail to understand the message, all your marketing efforts will be wasted. For acquiring the best possible outcomes via your carefully designed whitepaper, the most effective solution is to break the language barrier and translate it into the native language of your targeted marketplaces.

The companies who want to outreach and expand to huge crypto communities, translation of all online assets including Whitepapers is essential into the regional language of the target markets.

Most Recommended languages for ICO Whitepaper Translation

Considering the significance of whitepaper translation for your initial coin offering, it is vital to choose the languages carefully. In addition to the United States of America, many different countries also have diverse investor bases that can provide some valuable assets for your business. Some of these regions include Japan, Korea, and Russia. Besides, the investments in different crypto-currencies are more common in Asia. 

All these regions have a huge number of potential investors that can provide you with the much-needed funds for your business. In addition to these, German, Australian and Chinese markets are also worth targeting for attracting some valuable investor bases for your initial coin offerings.

For catering these most lucrative global investor markets, you must hire a professional translation partner to translate your whitepaper into following most demanding languages.

  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean

For the commendable success of your ICO, flawless translation of your whitepaper is the key. A well-translated whitepaper can help the foreign investors to understand your project in depth and develop your credibility which can go in your favor.  Thus, you must translate your whitepaper into the languages that are widely spoken among the potential investor markets all over the world. 

The Last Words

Access numerous overseas marketplaces with your multilingual ICO whitepaper

Translation of whitepapers is no less than a necessity for the ICO companies. A whitepaper is their strongest resource to attract investors and make the launch successful.

The level of accuracy needed for maintaining a natural flow and formal tone can only be delivered by the top translation experts and native professionals who have top-class industry knowledge.

If you want to make your ICO launch a huge success, we can help you out. We have a team of committed and trained human translators who work with special attention to detail and deliver seamless ICO whitepaper translations into multiple key languages for delivering your message to a vast multitude of investors all over the world.