What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about Italy? Italy’s rich heritage, beautiful architecture, and amazing food are famous all over the world. Besides, there are many more exciting things that make Italy an interesting place.

The language of Italy is also quite interesting. Especially in the history of fine arts, many famous personalities are from Italy that includes Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. If you want to learn the Italian language you are not alone. Thousands of people from around the globe speak the Italian language. Your decision to learn this language is worth undertaking. It will take you to Europe, Africa, and beyond America. Another amazing thing about the Italian language is that its oldest script is 1000 years old.

Why Learn the Italian Language

Learning a new language is a difficult task but it opens a new avenue of exploring the world and helps you to connect with different cultures of the world that are beyond land and language. Just look at the reasons why it is necessary to learn the Italian language.

  • It helps in building networks with thousands of people around the globe.
  • It also helps in learning-related languages like French, Spanish, and foremost English.
  • It keeps your brain active and helps to sharpen your mental muscles.
  • You can better understand the rich heritage and history of Italian culture.
  • It helps you to polish your Italian negotiation skills to compete in the global world.
  • You can travel around the globe with confidence.

Learn Italian to Become a Part of Global Economy

The Italian language is spoken in 30 countries around the globe including different continents. 60 million people from around the globe speak the Italian language as a first language. It is also ranked as 20th- most spoken language around the globe. If you start learning this amazing language, it will help you to explore a different world of linguistics that is beyond global borders. Italian speakers are not only residing in Italy but you can find a large number of Italian speakers in Switzerland, San Marino, Slovenia, Bosnia, Belgium, Albania, Germany, France, Malta, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Romania and many more regions. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many immigrants from Italy have taken the Italian language to the region of Atlantic such as the United States that has million native speakers today.

At present Italian is the fifth most studied language in the US. In Argentina and South America, there are around 1.5 million Italian speakers and Venezuela has around 200000 that has made Italian the second most spoken language in these countries. The Italian language is also spoken in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil. In Africa, when Italian colonialism left its legacy, they left a large number of Italian speakers in Libya and the former Italian East Africa which is now part of Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. In short there is no such place where Italian natives are not present.

Learning Italian Will Help You in Learning Other languages

Italian is known as the Romance language and it is closely related to other groups of languages like Portuguese, French, and Spanish. They originated from Vulgar Latin that is the dialect spoken by the inhabitants of the Roman Empire. These languages have a common lexicon that is spelled and pronounced in the same manner and they have the same meaning across different languages. When we talk about the global language, English comes to our mind.

English is the Germanic language and many loan words are taken from Latin and other romance languages like French or Italian. Italian is the easiest language for English speakers to learn. When we talk about English vocabulary you will be surprised to know there are many Italian words. Words like artista, credible, educazione and universita in the Italian language have their English equivalents. On the other hand English has also taken loanwords from Italian especially in the field of art and music. If you have a piano or the piccolo or you drink a daily cappuccino then you are already using Italian words.

Learning the Italian language assists you in learning other romance languages especially through an understanding of the English language that you already speak. So if you learn the Italian language you will be able to learn other languages easily.

Advantages of Learning the Italian Language

By learning the new language you can explore the global world around you. Learning the Italian language will assist you in enhancing your quality of life. Let us have a look at how. 

Helps to Build Your Italian Negotiation Skills

The world has become a global village and companies are working across borders and boundaries do not hinder their operations. If you want to become a part of the global market and gain a competitive advantage then learning the Italian language is a great option. The European market is full of business opportunities. If you learn the Italian language, it will help you in connecting with your business partners and investors across the borders. Besides, it will help in portraying your brand in the Italian speaking community. If you want to have a long-lasting relationship with your global clients, it’s better to communicate with them in their native language.

Global Travelling

When you want to explore the world then you need to overcome your language barrier. If you have managed to learn the Italian language then you can travel anywhere in the world with ease. It will help you in exploring new cities by reading road signs and buying air and train tickets. It will also help in building networks with new people with whom you meet there. Learning the Italian language will help you in exploring tourist spots. You can explore the historic architects of Rome. Moreover, you can explore the delicious Italian cuisine, state of the art wine and this can be only possible if you are proficient in the Italian language.

Using Italian Language Abroad

Are you residing abroad for higher studies or job purposes? To make your life easier in a foreign Italian speaking country you need to learn the Italian language. While living in an environment where you are forced to speak the Italian language, you can develop Italian proficiency swiftly.

Penetration in Italian Culture

Learning the Italian language will not only help you in understanding the language itself but it will open the new doors of the rich heritage of arts and culture. You will be able to read masterpiece literature of renowned Italian-speaking authors such as Umberto Eco, Dante Alighieri, and Francesco Petrarca.

Moreover, you will be able to explore amazing poetic expressions. You can penetrate in Italian culture by using Italian language media like Tv shows, YouTube videos, books, podcasts, and radio shows. You can have access to Italian theatre, journalism, and gastronomy by learning the Italian language. If you are from an Italian family then you can preserve your rich Italian heritage by developing eloquence in the Italian language.

Wrapping Up

Italian is a beautiful language indeed. Learning it can help you in numerous ways as stated above. Most importantly, it will help in expanding your business in lucrative Italian markets. If you require any professional translation assistance for converting business profiles and other digital assets into Italian, Mars Translation is here for you. We are providing impeccable Italian Translation Services as per international standards.