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Translation Blog

Alien Language Translator

In the upcoming sci-fi thriller “Arrival”, a number of mysterious aircraft reach the Earth. As humans are faced with the challenge to communicate with extraterrestrial visitors, the vast world of translation gets the brief limelight.

The film contains a plot where a team of linguists gathers to solve the challenge that lay ahead—h...

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What is Cultural Diversity?

Culture constitutes a set of values, beliefs, and traditions that have been embedded into a social construct. And then practiced for a long period of time by a group of people, so that it becomes part of their lifestyle. Every region has its own culture. Hence, making every community unique and distinctive in its ideologies, moral-ethical d...

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Japanese Culture and Traditions

Cultures and traditions shape the practices of people that they used to follow in a specific region. Japan's culture and traditions hold great importance in the world because the Japanese are the nation that regained its strength again after an atomic bomb attack in Hiroshima. Japanese people take great pride in preserving their old tra...

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How To Improve Language Skills

“I read I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand”. This simple statement is the ultimate rule that a person can ascribe to if he wants to improve or even learn a language effectively. 

Because you have to understand one thing over here, most people look for shortcuts and little t...

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Importance of Language in Our Life

Among all the creatures in the world, Human beings are the most distinctive and prominent. They can be easily separated by other ones on the basis of the most prominent feature i.e, language. It is only the language that can differentiate humans and has made them superior creatures. because language develops connection and their language sh...

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Which Languages Are Spoken In Egypt?

What are the spoken dialects in Egypt or what are the variations vis-a-vis speaking the Egyptian language?  A question that has gained quite some attention over the past couple of decades. 

In order to answer this question, you need to conceptualize the geography of E...

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English Speaking Countries in Asia

English is an international language. People that can speak and write English face no problem in dealing with the masses. In Asia, people want their children to learn English. For this reason, they put their children in English-speaking schools. English-speaking people can roam around the world easily. No matter, if they only know English, ...

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What is Software Internationalization and How it Works?

In this age of digitalization, many global companies and the companies that are emerging on the global landscape are using software to increase the efficiency of their operations. What is the software? They contain data, programs, and a set of instructions to execute different tasks. For instance, many companies use different software like ...

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