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How to Get Professional Website Translation Services

Challenges of Website Translation; How to Get Professional Website Translation Services

Globalization and digital advancement in current times have opened many doors of opportunity for companies worldwide. With internet penetration paving the way for website marketing, it is common to expect that every business will want its own...

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Best Practices to Achieve High-quality Video Game Translation

The video game industry is a vast and rapidly developing one, holding millions of game players in its folds. With the increase in internet usage and greater knowledge concerning video games, it is hardly surprising that there are more than 3.09 billion active video game players in the world today. This figure is likely to shoot up to 3.32 b...

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The 5 Best Software Translation Tools for 2023

As technology advances become evident in all industries and functions, companies across the globe are embracing new and enhanced ways of doing business. This is an era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the many benefits that it brings to operations are being adopted with open arms. 

The translation industry, much like other indu...

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All You Need to Know About Legal Document Translation

The field of translation and localization is a vast one, with many industries opting for the translation of their content. The legal industry is also one of the many industries seeking to achieve globalization through the translation of its texts. However, the translation of legal doc...

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Why Japanese Translation is Difficult for Computers?

With increasing digitalization and increased internet penetration, the usage of computers has also increased. A few decades back, only a handful of households had computers. Today, the size of a computer has shrunk to the palm of your hand. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can learn new languages, find their way around a ...

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ChatGPT and its Implications for Business Translation

ChatGPT is at the top of technology debates these days–and for a good reason. The latest ChatGPT model has a huge potential to affect every industry on the globe, with AI powering up the future for most of these industries. The vast field of business translation is no exception when it comes to advanced AI tools testing. 


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A Guide To Technical Translation And Education

Technical education is crucial today as it empowers individuals with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their careers. It focuses on the practical aspects of a specific field, such as engineering, technology, and science. Moreover, the increased demand for skilled

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10 Most Common Languages Used On The Internet For 2023

The Internet has become a global platform for communication and information exchange, connecting people worldwide. As a result, many languages are used on the Internet, each with its unique characteristics and usage patterns. The ten most common languages used on the Internet for 2023 are English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russi...

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Video Translation: How Much Does It Cost?

In this day and age, users love to consume video content. Statistics show that almost 90% of all internet users in the world watch online videos each week. And a typical user watches these digital videos for at least 100 minutes every day.

As a businessman, you can easily spot an opportunity here. An opportunity to translate your ...

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