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Certified Translation Services in Singapore

In this era of globalization where business are heading beyond boundaries. Mars Translation wants you to be a part of global business and helps you in reaching emerging markets in no time. Mars Translation is a translation platform which is providing certified translation services in swift turnaround time and economical rates.


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English Speaking Countries in South America

English that is spoken throughout the world differs greatly. Most times some words used in one dialect of English are unintelligible in the other. Therefore, before we dive into the English-speaking countries in South America, we must first understand the language itself.


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What is localization in Translation?

It is an era of globalization and digitalization. Distances have reduced. Person living in one corner of the world can purchase products from another corner easily. Thousands of languages are spoken around the globe. Every country’s dialect of language is different.

Some words and slogans which are considered right in your society...

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What is the difference between Translation and Localization?

In this era of globalization, terms translation and localization are being used reciprocally. The global world considers these two words similar to little variation. Here question rises why we need to care about these two words? Answer can be well understood by European Commission Survey which states that 52% and 85% of internet users said ...

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6 Killer Benefits of localization in 2019

In this era of globalization, localization holds a very important role. In the language service industry and in the translation service provider, benefits of localization are more evident. Here the question rises what difference is between a translated website and a profitable one? Localization versus translation who will change the web sit...

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English Speaking Countries in Europe

With the Br-exit, there has been some buzz about the importance of the English language in Europe. All English-speaking countries in Europe use it as a second language. And with the UK taking its leave, the importance of English has been under the microscope ever since.

From the statement given by the President of the European Com...

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Spanish Speaking Countries in Europe

Spanish is a powerful language with the second highest number of native speakers. There are Spanish-speaking countries in Europe, then there is Spanish speaking Latin America.

But is the Spanish spoken in Europe the same as the one in Latin America, or woul...

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Spanish Speaking Countries in South America

It is easier to tell the countries that don’t speak Spanish than to name the Spanish-speaking countries in South America. So if you are looking to launch your business there, you better acquire some A-grade

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From the outside, Chinese seems like a vast singular language. At a closer look, however, it can be observed that it is extremely diverse all over the country. If you are thinking about learning or translating something, it is essential to know the difference between simplified and traditional Chinese.

Chinese doesn’t stand as one...

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