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Most Useful Languages in the Future

Gone are the days when businesses and corporations were only limited to their country of origin. Today’s world has shrunk to a global village—weaving together different nationalities, cultures and countries and globalization has been the biggest tool in taking business operations across continents. Investors in ...

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How Many Languages Are There in the World?

Do you know that there are approximately 7102 known languages spoken around the world today? Out of these languages, 9.2% of the languages have fewer than 10 speakers and there are 46 languages which now have only a single speaker left.

These languages are distributed acros...

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Most Useful Languages for Business

It is said that out of 7000 estimated number of languages in the world, 2400 are classified as ‘in danger” while one language dies every 14 days. This is shocking news, considering that out of 2400 languages, 231 are already extinct and others are on the verge of extinction. With this rate, it would not be a sur...

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What is certified translation?

It is said that if translations had not existed, the nations would have been living within borders of silence. Of course, that is not the case and translations in the world do exist. In this vast world of intermingling and diverse languages, it is often hard to make bonds that bind and remove barriers between pe...

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Difference Between Translator and Interpreter

There is a general misconception concerning a translator and interpreter. Many potential clients contact interpreters, saying they are looking for a professional translator, when in fact, they are looking for an interpreter.

The very similar nature of both translator and in...

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Difference Between Translation and Transcription

When one hears the two words “translation” and “transcription”, they may point out that they hold similar meanings, having similar prefix “trans”, but so do “antibiotic” and “antidepressant” but everyone knows they are not the same. The case of translation and transcription is also similar. They mean very differ...

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7 Best WordPress Translation Plugins for Your Website

It is said that every language is a world in itself. This means that every language spoken in the world projects a separate world of its own—a point made by George Steiner who elaborated the importance of translation when he said “without translation, we would be inhabiting provinces bordering on silence”.


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How Vital Is Magazine Translation: a Viewpoint

In this age of marketing advancements, digital media has taken quantum leaps, transforming the culture of readership from that of print to digital. But that does not suggest that print media has lost its charm and importance. This print media is still embedded into the readers’ daily habits. People still buy—and...

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This is the age of accessibility and widespread reach. English is no longer the only language of global communication. Perhaps this is the reason that organizations are localizing themselves to ensure their businesses are able to reach everyone. The mobile gaming industry is a living proof of such businesses tha...

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