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Dutch Document Translation Might Be As “Easy” As You Think

Dutch Document translation_L.jpg

Document translation services are pretty easy when it is being done by a professional. There is nothing that they cannot handle. When it comes to Dutch document translation service, it gets a little tricky. Translation services of all kinds are a little tricky because you have to convert one language into another language, take care of all the implied meanings and the literal meanings and at the same time make sure that the integrity of the document is lost in the translation process. However, Dutch translation takes a totally different height, especially in the document translation process.

Like English, Dutch has “borrowed” a lot of words from different languages, which makes it “easier” to translate them.

The people you translate English to Dutch and Dutch to English have a little “easier” because many of the words in both these languages are pretty much the same. For example, apple in Dutch is called an appel, green is called groen and blue is called blau, etc.  One thing a new translator needs to keep in his or her mind is that Dutch and Deutsch are two different languages. At first glance they appear to be the same, but they are two very different languages and must be treated separately. If you are a bilingual Dutch speaker, a good guess is that you will be to handle Dutch, but not have fluency in Deutsch.

When translating to Dutch remember that it is written as English and uses the same alphabets, but the spellings are a lot different and somehow awkward. So while translating Dutch documents, remember to pay close attention to Dutch consonants because we all know that the Dutch language is filled with them. Dutch has 8 consonants, so beware of them and use them wisely.

And here is the final thing that we must talk about: the dreaded word that has no English translation. That word is “gezellig” and it is a word that has put many translators on a scream inducing spin. This is one of those words that has multiple meanings in multiple scenarios. It can be used for scenarios, situations, places, people, feelings, warmth, love, friendship and even cozy can be gezeling. Scared yet?

Don’t be, just hire a professional translation service provider and sit back, relax and drink a cup of tea while a professional works on your document.