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I Bet You Didn’t Know This about Bahasa Indonesia


Indonesia is a one benevolent country. It is a cluster of islands that form together and make one big, giant hearted country. It has 17,508 islands and has three different time zones. Only 6,000 of these islands are populated by humans and there are countless exotic and rare animals and flowers that you will not find anywhere else in the world. That is just about the country. The official language of Indonesia is much more colorful and interesting.

Bahasa Indonesia may be the official language, but there are at least 700 more languages that are spoken throughout this beautiful cluster of islands.

The Indonesian language and Malay language are pretty similar. Many of their dialects are similar. But that is not all, the Indonesian language has taken influence from multiple other languages including Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Sanskrit, Persian, Chinese, Tamil, Greek, French and Manado to name a few. Many of the Indonesian language words are borrowed by other languages, including English and French. When you provide document translation services, you must pay special attention to Indonesian script.

The Bahasa Indonesia script is has a lot of influence of Latin, Arabic and Tamil. However, the official script used by all government agencies and public is the Latin script. Indonesian has eight vowels and 18+ consonants. According to the new Indonesian language reform, “u” is replaced by “oe” and “dj” is replaced with “j”.

So you see, document translation in Indonesian language is not as easy as we thought it to be. That is why it is necessary to either choose an experienced translation company or attach yourself to a reputed company because they have the resources and tools to help you out and help you provide the perfect translation for any Indonesian language document.