Accurate ICT Translations for the Technology Industry

You’re into the information & communication technology (ICT) business. You want to operate on a global level. But language barriers are your biggest roadblock. 

At Mars Translation, we can help you remove those barriers so you can easily communicate with your customers and partners in different regions. 

Our team includes native linguists specializing in the translation of ICT documents. They can translate your voice, data, software, hardware, or any other technical materials with utmost clarity. 

Contact us today for fast and accurate ICT translations.

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Network Infrastructure Translation by IT Professionals

Your global workforce won’t understand the network documentation, troubleshooting guides, or user manuals if they don’t speak the same language.

So, you must be ready to seek network infrastructure translation to offer support to your multilingual employees. Mars Translation is here to help you out. 

With a solid background in IT, our translators understand the language used in routers, firewalls, servers, switches, load balancers, and various other networking equipment. 

Having the right expertise, they are the professionals you can trust for your next translation project.

Language Translation for the Chip Industry

Chips or semiconductors are critical components of laptops, smartphones, and thousands of other products. Due to their widespread use and increasing global demand, you can easily spot an opportunity here.

As a leading translation company, we’ll help you translate all sorts of documentation so your expansion goes smoothly. 

We’re experienced in language translation for the chip industry. Whether you want to market memory chips, microprocessors, commodity integrated circuits, or complex SoCs, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s join forces to take your chip business to the world.

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IoT Translation Services by IT Language Experts

Rolling out an IoT based app to the world has never been easier. Yet, failing to translate your product content may hinder its adoption.

Mars Translation provides you with IoT translation services so you can effectively sell your internet of things in foreign markets, increasing your chances of success.

You can hire us to translate all kinds of IoT materials.

  • Consumer IoT Translations Services
  • IoT Translations for Banking and Financial Sector
  • IoT Patent Translations
  • IoT Translations in Healthcare and Medical Sector

Translation Services For IT-Based Companies

Selling your IT product or service to a new market? We can assist.

Our IT translation services will ensure your software, hardware, and all other products work in a language your target audience speaks.

This will help you sell more effectively in foreign markets.

  • Software & IT Translation
  • Automated Translation Services
  • IT Equipment’s Translations
  • Blockchain & Crypto Translation
  • Security Devices Translation
  • Computer-assisted translation
  • Cloud-based Translation Services
  • AI Technology Translations
  • Network Translation
  • App Localization
  • Telecommunication Translation
  • AI Media Translation
language translation for healthcare
translation services in healthcare

ICT Translation in 230+ languages

At Mars Translation, we excel in providing ICT translation in more than 230 languages and 800+ language pairs. Our translations help you lead the pack in the ever-evolving information and communication technology sector.

Our ICT translators are native speakers of English, Spanish, Chinese,  and many more. Plus, they have a strong background in ICT and related fields. 

All translators work exclusively in their first language and subject matter expertise. This way, we ensure top-notch ICT translations that make your target users happy.

ICT Translation: Your Key to Market Success

With ICT translations, you enter new markets in a way that pleases your target customers. This also helps you stay head and shoulders above the competition. Ready? Let’s get started!

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Our ICT Translation Workflow

We scope out your ICT translation project and allocate suitable resources. We ensure only native subject-matter experts work on your project and you receive a translation that meets and exceeds your expectations. This entire process takes place in three simple steps:

Project Initiation

We work with you to define project goals, target audience(s), and required delivery timeline.

Translation and Proofreading

Industry-specific, native linguists translate, review, and proofread your ICT content to ensure accuracy.

Final Delivery

You receive the translated file, provide feedback, and we deliver the final file in your desired format.

Our ICT Clients


Xiaomi is a global technology company that produces and sells communication equipment and parts. They chose Mars Translation to help them translate their 3C products and technical training materials in over 20 languages.


BOCHU Electronics is a high-tech industrial automation company. They came to us asking for help translating laser cutting control software between Chinese, English, and 11 other Asian and European languages.


CompTIA is the world’s leading provider of IT certifications for educational institutes. They turned to Mars Translation to help them localize their certifications and elearning content for Latin America, Brazil, Japan, and Germany.

Meet Our Specialized Linguists

We work with native speakers who know your industry very well. Our selection process is very rigorous and we only hire translators with at least 3-5 years of relevant experience. This allows us to connect you with experts who exhibit excellent linguistic and technical expertise needed for the job. Here are a few of our translators specialized in ICT translation services.

Client Testimonials

Listen to what our ICT clients have to say about us. Their valuable feedback speaks volumes about the quality of work we do.

Industry Expertise

Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.

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ICT stands for information and communication technology. So, ICT translation is the translation of ICT documents and content from one language to another.

With the help of ICT translation services, you speak to customers in their first language. This helps build trust, improve customer experience, and expand your market reach.

The cost of ICT translation depends on several factors, such as language pair, volume, and complexity of the content. Please get in touch with us to get a free quote for your project.

We’re an ISO-certified translation company that strives to deliver high-quality translations for the technology industry. Our linguists are excellent writers with a technical background to produce the best results.