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Chinese Document Translation Services

If you are looking for document translation of either your manuals or even legal documents, look no further, because Mars Translation is your go-to Chinese translation agency especially when dealing in the Chinese market. We are a globally known name, providing world-class Chinese document translation services in all dialects of the Chinese language.

Mandarin is spoken in most of Southwestern and Northern China with nearly a billion native speakers. Whether you are traveling to China and need to get your travel docs translated, or expanding your business internationally and need marketing materials translated into Mandarin, our Mandarin Chinese translation services have got you covered.

We provide contextual translations at competitive rates and cover a range of documents including:

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Document Translation Services
Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Document Translation Services

Chinese Website Translation Services

Translate your website into the Mandarin language and boost your business growth at an incredible rate. If you plan to become a known name in China, translating your website is important, and that’s where you need our help. We offer top-class and customized Chinese language translation services to meet your expectations. Our personalized approach, exclusive attention to detail, and responsive customer support make us a reliable name for website translation.

Our Chinese website translation services encompass a range of popular industries. We cover medical, traveling, business, IT, engineering, gaming, finance, marketing, and a lot more. Our Mandarin Chinese speakers have experience in all these areas, and their industry-specific knowledge makes us a highly credible name in the translation world.

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Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

Medical and healthcare translations not only help healthcare providers in providing proper patient care but also help patients understand medical procedures. For medical and healthcare content translation, we have experienced translators who are proficient in medical terminologies and translate your content accurately while maintaining consistency throughout the document/website.

Whether you need Mandarin simplified translations in Chinese speaking countries for regulatory compliance documents, lab reports, medicine labels, prescriptions, or product descriptions for medical equipment, we provide accurate and culture-appropriate translations. Our rates are quite reasonable, and we always deliver on the committed time, regardless of your project’s length.

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Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Document Translation Services
Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Document Translation Services

Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Business & Finance Translation Services

Financial institutes like banks, insurance companies, and funding organizations often need Chinese Mandarin translation services to expand their business in Asian markets and communicate with foreign clients and partners. For communicating with the Chinese-speaking market, you will need certified Chinese translation services and that’s exactly where you need help from Mars Translation.

We have qualified and adept finance translators with exceptional skills in a range of language pairs. No matter in which language your financial and official docs are, we can provide Mandarin language translations while maintaining accuracy. We understand your need for Chinese Mandarin translators and furnish your demands.

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Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Technical docs like user guides, manuals, and construction project plans require accurate translation by industry-expert translators when dealing with foreign clients. For translating such documents into Chinese, it is important to identify the dialect first. Here at Mars Translation, we have native Chinese translators who cover all the dialects of Mandarin Chinese and provide crisp and consistent results while maintaining international quality standards.

All the projects are handled by subject matter experts, and we ensure excellence via strict quality control measures. If you need timely, affordable, and error-free tech and engineering translations in the Mandarin language, Mars Translation is a perfect choice for Chinese simplified translation. We also provide same day translations as well.

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Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Document Translation Services

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Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Document Translation Services

Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Software & IT Translation Services

Launch your software and IT products into foreign markets in local languages to engage with more customers and capture a higher market share. This is where you can get professional Mandarin translation services to smoothly tap into the Asian market and boost your global sales as China is a leading country in the software market.

Let our Chinese language experts translate your software into Chinese and provide your foreign customers with a fully customized and engaging brand experience. We have proficient and skilled translators who know what it takes to deliver error-free translated content while keeping the meaning of the original text intact.

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Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

Gaming translation opens new gates for your games by enhancing the target audience. For instance, the lucrative gaming market in China has a huge growth potential. If you want to make your mark there, you need to make sure that your games are fully customized to provide the users with a hassle-free, localized, and joyous experience.

Our Chinese Mandarin translation services take care of the regional sensitivities and the dialects in order to make them acceptable to the audience. We have top-class native gaming translators who provide premium quality translation and localization services to make you stand ahead of competitors.

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Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Document Translation Services
Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Document Translation Services

Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) to english Translation Services

We have specialized professionals for Chinese to English translation services for all types of content. Moreover, we also provide English to Chinese translation services.

Whether your preference is top-quality results or easy affordability, we provide you with excellent simplified Chinese translation services. We are known for delivering reliable and certified translations on time.

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Our Native Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Translators

Chinese translation is quite difficult because of the multiple dialects and similarities among them. This is why we provide you with the services of our native Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) translators who are aware of the industry-specific terminologies. We also have native Chinese interpreters with experience in a range of industries and provide high quality Chinese interpretation services.

We cover over 25 business domains and provide fast translations for all kinds of content, including websites, documents, e-learning programs, and whatnot. Whatever your source language is, we can transform it into Chinese and provide you with affordable and reliable results in a fast turnaround.

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Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Document Translation Services


Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.


We offer seamless translations at the fastest possible turnaround time. The total time needed depends on your content’s complexity and overall word count.
Mars Translation offers very economical game localization solutions. The total charges depend on the language pair, the project’s complexity, and the content word count. For details, you can visit our ‘Detailed Pricing’ page.
Mars Translation is an ISO-certified translation service provider with years of experience in legal translations. We have top-class Chinese Simplified translators and provide exceptional-quality results by following strict quality control procedures.
Mars Translation is a reliable source for technical translations into over 230 different languages. We have the expertise, knowledge, and skills required to provide crisp and accurate technical translations, and you can count on us for quality results at reasonable rates.

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