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The travel and tourism industry is showing an exponential increase with the rise in disposable incomes and expenditures. Due to the increasing technological developments where travel and tourism have become much easier, the need to translate travel documents has also become prominent. At Mars Translation, we deliver highly accurate and professional travel and tourism translation services and our expert translators are adept at handling all content related to the tourism industry. Through the use of advanced translation tools and updated translation memory, these experts ensure that all travel content is translated without any hassle or delays, at affordable and cost-effective rates.

  • Destination Guides
  • Travel Guides
  • Tour Descriptions
  • Travel Maps
  • Tourism Websites
  • Travel Brochures
  • Hotel Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Country Descriptions
  • Promotional Campaigns
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automotive translation services document image

Comprehensive Travel Translation Services for Globalization

The market for the travel industry and hotel services is a huge and much-globalized one. If you are in the hotel industry, you have to develop a strategy that caters to the international travel audience. A multilingual strategy and availing of professional travel translation services is a necessity and a favorable way guaranteed to enable you to reach out to the maximum number of travelers out there—irrespective of region or language.

  • Instant Translation Quote: Employ our instant translation quote that lets you send translation directly to our translators for a speedy translation process.
  • Quality Translation: Get your travel documents translated with our ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and GDPR compliance together with multilingual support.
  • Multi-format Support: Import your content in the format of your choice (XML, XLIFF, PO, HTML, CSV) with our multiple format support mechanism for translation.
  • Translation APIs: Gain productivity by ordering translation directly from your interface and integrate all translated services directly into your CMS.
  • Cost Effective Solution: Avail the services of expert linguists at market competitive and affordable rates with no extra or hidden translation charges.

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Mars Translation is one of the most advanced and long-standing translation and localization agency established nearly two decades ago. Since its inception, it has been delivering expert translation and localization solutions for a wide range of industries at affordable rates and fast turnarounds. Mars Translation does not only cover translation of documents, it also translates websites, software and other content related to many types of industries. The language translation expertise and experience of its linguists is what sets it apart from competitors.

In the midst of so many translation agencies and tough competition, Mars Translation makes its name stand out from the crowd by offering secure and transparent translation services to its customers. With Mars Translation as your translation partner, you can be assured of a seamless and secure translation process. To ensure that your translated documents are safe while translating, our linguists are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement at the start of their tenure. Furthermore, all translations are handled on our platform separately so you can be assured of their security and confidentiality.

Providing cost effective and affordable translation services has always been one of the top aims of Mars Translation’s expert translators. We understand that when customers are seeking to localize themselves into other markets, they have to take care of the cos. This is why Mars Translation’s rates are the most affordable among its competitors with standard rates starting from as low as USD 0.044 per word. Further, these rates come without any hidden charges or expert fees.

At Mars Translation, special emphasis laid upon accuracy and clarity in translation. With Mars Translation as your translation partner, you can translate each and every caveat of your travel agencies and marketing material at affordable rates and fast turnarounds. This strategic edge will make your travel business competitive as tourists and travelers across the globe will want to avail the translated services eagerly if the promotions and travel documents are in their native languages.

As shown above, accuracy and clarity are two of the fundamental principles followed by expert linguists at Mars Translation along with the delivery of quality services. To ensure that all your documents are certified, a letterhead is placed on the translated documents that act as a notarized guarantee for checking by all concerned authorities wanting to check the certification of these documents.

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