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4 Basic Reasons Why Several Couples Are Considering a Prenuptial Contract


A prenuptial agreement is a written contract that is made between two people, who want to get married. This contract provides a list of the entire property owned by each person, and specifies the details of what their rights will be after they get married. In some of the states, this prenuptial contract is also known as a premarital agreement. Opposed to common opinion, the prenuptial contract is not just for the rich people, but everyone is liable to use it.

Just as in any other country, the Thai prenuptial contract has the same meaning. Here, this prenuptial contract is governed by the Thai Commercial and Civil code. But it is very essential that you take help from any Thai family lawyer, who is legally registered, and familiar with the laws here in Thailand, before you prepare this agreement with a Thai national fiancée. If you’re looking for more information about the details about this agreement, then get hold of the Thai Contracts Translation Services.

Several listed authors have written a lot about the prenuptial contracts, so, if you are among those people who are unaware of the Thai language, get in touch with the Document Translation. Since, prenuptial contracts are mostly used to protect the property of the rich people, a large variety of couples are using these contracts for their own purposes. Below are some of the reasons why people want a prenup contract.

Passing Property to Children from Previous Marriages

A married couple, who already has children from previous marriages, can use a prenup contract, to find out what will happen to their property, in case they die. This way both of them know what part of the property they can give to their children, while still keeping some for themselves. Without this contract, the spouse that survives can claim his right to a larger portion of the property, giving much less to the kids.

Clarifying Financial Rights

Some couples have children from previous marriages while some don not. It really does not matter, whether the couples are rich or they belong to the middle class, they will definitely want to clear out their financial rights and their responsibilities, while getting married.

Those people who are living here in Thailand, but are unfamiliar with the Thai language, can take help from the best Language Translation Services. In addition to all this, you can even make use of the Thai Contracts Translation Services, if you have decided to get married and are preparing for a prenup contract.

Arguments Avoided In Case Of Divorce

By preparing a prenup contract, you can avoid several arguments if later on; you want to file for a divorce. One benefit of this contract is to point out, before hand, how the property will be divided and when filing for a divorce, it can also determine whether or not the spouse will receive the payment for alimony. In some states, the spouse is not allowed to give up her right to receive alimony however, in some other states, the spouse who refuses to accept the alimony, will be highly investigated.

Get Debt Protection

When you prepare a prenup contract, this can benefit you a lot, because it can provide both the spouses protection from each other’s debts. Another benefit that you can get is, that this contract can also help you solve a variety of other issues as well.

So, now it is absolutely clear why many couples in this world, want to create a prenuptial contract. If you are thinking about whether or not you want to make a prenuptial contract, here in Thailand, take advantage of the Thai Contracts Translation Services.