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Convert DWG to DXF online

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dwg: It means a drawing file save format created by AutoCAD, and now has been the standard format of 2D CAD file.

dxf: DXF is a CAD data file format developed by Autodesk for CAD data exchange between AutoCAD and other software.

When you need to convert a DWG file to a DXF file, if you install no AutoCAD in your computer, Mars Translation can manage it!

Step 1:

Click here to open the AutoCAD File Converter page of Mars Translation.


Step 2:

Select the tab of Convert DWG/DXF to Word, TXT, XML, and the correct dwg file version.


Step 3:

Upload your file.

Method 1: Choose a Local File stored in your computer.

Method 2: Download from the specified direct file link, such as:

Note: You can only choose one from the two methods at a time to upload your dwg file.


Step 4:

Select the DXF file version needed to be output.

Specific Layers, leave this parameter value blank.


Step 5:

Leave your e-mail address to the Mars Translation server for handling.


We will send the converted file to you by e-mail, please check it timely.

Friend’s Email, non-required If you fill in this parameter value, your friend will also receive our notice by e-mail.



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