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4hour Workweek Philosophy


To me efficient at your work you always have to manage your work. To manage your work you need to focus on the opportunities you are getting as Online Documents Translation can be done easily by using French (Canadian) Customer testimonials translation services. These types of French (Canadian) Customer testimonials translation services eliminates the work burden from you and offer you the best Online Certified Translation. To manage your work here is the 4 hour work week tricks. The 4 hour work week philosophy is based on 3 strategies to maximize the efficiency of your time. They are elimination, automation, and outsourcing.

A lot of things you do actually don’t affect the outcome by that much. According to the 80/20 principle, 80% of our results come from 20% of the things you do. So that means if you eliminate, the things that don’t produce a lot results, you could use that time to do more of the 20% that produces the most results.

Most people will rather do what they use to, because they feel it easy and doesn’t require thinking. But if you want results, eliminate. What if you cannot eliminate it? As in the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory, and the main character is dad, who worked at the toothpaste factory.

He would stand there in the assembly line, screwing the caps on the toothpaste tubes. When we think about how silly it seems to have a line of workers screwing the top on toothpaste. It is silly but they have no other way they can’t eliminate it anyway.  

Obviously you don’t have workers manually doing that anymore, and that’s because the technology allowed you to automate. You have machine now that caps toothpaste for you. if you cannot eliminate you can automate.

A lot of times things that could be automated should be automated, imagine how in efficient it would be to have a bunch of people screwing caps of toothpaste. Not only you have to pay each worker minimum wage, someone in the line could be extra slow, and that would affect everyone.

 Everyone else has to work on the same pace because he would be stalling the line. Not only that if someone decides to pick their nose on the job and continues to screw on the caps that can lead to serious lawsuits when people find boogers in their toothpaste.

Just like capping toothpaste tubes, a lot of tasks have to be done, and cannot be eliminated. And finally when you have something that has to done, and cannot be automated, it’s time to outsource it. Outsourcing is not referred to another country, although that is quite a common thing nowadays, especially in big companies.

 As you grow as a person and become better at what you do, you can focus more on tasks only you could do, and let others do the easier tasks for you. When you see multi-millionaires, they have drivers, personal chefs and maids. As many of them uses Online Industry expert Translation in order to interact with the foreigner business partners.

It saves their time and makes their conversation worth, instead of translating they consume time in just thinking how to complete their deals to make more money. A poor person would see that as them being lazy, but are they really? Or are they simply using their time effectively by outsourcing?  The answer is with you all; all you need is to focus on what you want.