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5 Effective Tips to Learn the German Language

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Many travelers think that German is the most difficult language to learn. No doubt that German Vocabulary is gendered, there are many long words and grammar know-how is also time taking. Before you decide to learn and study the German language, you need to question why you need to learn this language and how this language can benefit your life. There can be many reasons to learn the German language. Some of them can be;

  • To communicate with German-speaking people
  • To find a great job in Germany as it has a strong economy.
  • To help you in traveling around the world.
  • To become familiar with the rich culture and literature.

Once you are clear about your language learning objectives, you will be able to devise a better strategy for learning the German language.

Try to Learn New Vocabulary in Their Natural Surroundings

When you see German grammar, keep calm and do not fret. The German language will become easier for you, once you go through the basics of the language. You should be aware of three major categories; masculine (DER), feminine (DIE) and Neuter (DAS). It is very beneficial for you if you learn nouns with the articles at the initial level of learning. When you know the table is Tisch which is masculine so it is Der Tisch and the mug on the table is feminine so it is Die Tasse and der Tisch. If you learn words in their grammatical context then you will be able to break communication barriers easily and communicate with full confidence. This notion is valid for all aspects of German language whether it is the article-noun association, sentence structure in the subordinate clause and use of propositions.

Learn Important Verbs

There are many important verbs which are used with infinitives like a must, might, may and can, which helps to express ideas like an obligation, desire, permission, and possibility. If you learn these verbs at an initial stage of learning a language then there is a better chance of having a strong grip on language from the very beginning. Moreover, if you learn the conjugation of these verbs with the most commonly used verbs then you can express a wide range of things.

For instance, if you learn the verbs Gehen(to go), Spielen( to play) and lernen (to learn), you can communicate well. With the infinitives like konnen(can) and mussen (must/ have to), you can also conjugate the verb in the past tense like; I could play football (yesterday).

Moreover, you can add adverbs to donate in the future; I can play football later. By learning important verbs and adverbs with their conjugation, vocabulary grammar and preposition will help you to overcome communication gaps and you can make the use of the whole sentences in the German language.

Learning Genders

There are three genders used in the German language like masculine, feminine and neutral. There are 16 different ways of describing the nouns and there is no specific reason to define which noun is Der, Die and Das. Remember these points by heart;

  • Masculine (Der) nouns always end up with ein.
  • Feminine (Die) nouns always end up with eine.
  • Neuter (Das) nouns always end up with en.

If you learn the science of genders then it will make the German language learning process easier.

Form a Mini-germany in Your House

You need not live in Germany to learn the German language. There are many different ways to learn the German language no matter wherever you live. Some of the ways to create a German language learning environment are;

  • Create a multilingual system on your computer with the German Language.
  • Communicate with German natives living abroad and join some German communities.
  • Watch German news and movies with subtitles (to create a cache memory in your subconsciousness)
  • Develop a habit of reading German books (you can find reading material from LingQ).

Listen to German Music and Podcasts.

Use some Language Hacks and applications to learn the German Language

What are the language hacks? Language hacks are methods to learn the German language (or any other language) fast enough.

 Let's see some of the language hacks which can assist you in learning the German Language.

Spaced Repetition System: SRS system helps to memorize vocabulary and phrases. It is a popular hack that helps to increase your German Vocabulary.

Use of Mnemonics: It helps you to affiliate and recall German words easily. For using Mnemonics, it is suggested to keep an open mind, use your imagination.

Study with the Pomodoro Technique: This method suggests; you study in a small span of time which increases your learning ability and it is an effective learning process

To learn the German language, it is advised to try to speak German words from the start so that you can make use of the language in a better way by whatever you have learned so far. In this digitized world, you can find German speakers online and offline. You can also use some applications for this purpose;

Browsing italki: You can find German native speakers in this application. It is a very economical application as compared to other private and face to face applications and you can use it in your home.

MeetUp.com: In this application, you can meet German people from around the globe. You can also use couch surfing to connect with German learners and speakers.

HelloTalk App: You can install HelloTalk App on your smartphone. This application helps you to connect with other language learners from around the globe and you can also practice your German speaking skills by interacting with them on chat.

Bottom Line

English and German both are similar, in vocabulary and grammar, as they share roots from the Germanic language. So for English speakers learning the German language is rather easy. For non-English speakers, they can learn the German language by putting a little effort. Many Language Hacks and applications can be used to make the language learning journey easier and joyful.

so, in this era of digitalization, many German Translation Companies are also working to provide you with precise and accurate Translation Services. Now it's your decision whether to learn the German language (on your own) or want to hire professional german translation services for the purpose.

Make a Choice Worth Your While.