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German Document Translation Services

Translating documents into German requires pro-level expertise and exclusive attention to detail. The existence of multiple verities and dialects of German emphasizes the need for skilled and experienced native German-speaking translators for attaining accurate translations. If you want to get a blend of accurate German Translation Services results in fast turnaround and easy affordability, Mars Translation is the best choice. We have local translators with rich experience in translations. 
Our quality is backed with our unparalleled skills, top-level expertise and special attention to context. We cover:

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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German Document Translation Services
German Document Translation Services

German Website Translation Services

German is among the most widely used languages of the world. The growing influence of the popular language indicates the need for translating your company website into the German language for targeting the potential market. To ensure perfect localization of your website for catering German market,

Mars Translation has all the required tools techniques and experience German Translation Services. We have a range of native German translators who know how to tailor your content to make it appealing for the audience. Besides, they take into account all the relevant factors for creating a strong impression on potential customers. Thus, if you need to localize your website into German, coming to Mars would be fruitful for you.

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German Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

Whether you are going abroad for medical treatment or reaching out to german markets for business related to the healthcare industry, you need help from professional German Medical & Healthcare Translation Services. It is vital to take help from a reliable language partner as only experienced personnel with background knowledge of the medical industry can provide accurate results.

For your help, we have native and experienced German translators with exceptional skills and advanced industry knowledge. Thus, if you need precise, quick and economical medical and healthcare translations, Mars Translation is a good choice. 

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German Document Translation Services
German Document Translation Services

German Business & Finance Translation Services

The translation of critical financial and official documents requires special attention to detail. In addition to language expertise, industry knowledge and use of relevant terminology, maintaining confidentiality is also important for which you need a reliable translation partner. Mars Translation offers accurate and secure translation services for your confidential documents like bank statements, financial reports, and other official docs.

In addition to German Business & Finance Translation Services, we also cover a range of other languages. Thus, if you need quick, consistent and affordable translation in German or any other language, we are there for you.


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German Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Technical translation takes a lot more than language transformation. You cannot rely on any random native German-speaking translator for precise engineering translations. The extensive docs like Construction plans, manuals of heavy machinery and other technical content requires consistency throughout the document to keep the message simple and clear.

To get accurate results, you need to hire a certified language partner and that’s where you need to contact Mars Translation. We are proud to offer German Technical & Engineering Translation Services and we ensure impeccable results.

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German Document Translation Services

Professional and Certified German Interpreters

Mars Translation is a professional language translation service provider with expertise in serving all types of translation and interpretation needs. Our highly skilled and professional language interpretation experts span the globe and are strategically hired to provide high-quality, accurate, and professional German interpretation solutions. Moreover, these interpreters are trained to deliver accurate interpretation services with quick turnaround times in over 230 global languages. For these certified and professional language service providers, no translation or interpretation task is too tough, and no language is too hard to translate into. With Mars Translation’s expert language service providers, you can easily obtain:
• German to French translation services
• German to Spanish translation services
• German to Russian translation services

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German Document Translation Services

German Software & IT Translation Services

Translating your software into the German language can help in targeting the profitable German market. For favorable outcomes, you need to localize your software products in addition to translating them for providing the audience with a hassle-free experience.

For seamless and localized translations of your software products, Mars Translation is a dependable choice. We offer world-class German Software & IT Translation Services at competitive rates. No matter what your source language is, we can translate it into German while maintaining high quality. Come to us and get immaculate IT translations with assured excellence at a quick turnaround.

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German Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

The trend of online gaming and video games is massively increasing in Germany. Launching your games there can boost your conversion rate and help to build a global identity. In order to do so, you need to translate your games into German language and localize them as per the regional preferences of the target market.

For best results, it is better to seek professional help and that’s where you need our services. Mars Translation offers top-quality German Gaming & Video Games Translation Services and we provide excellent results at affordable rates.

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German Document Translation Services
German Document Translation Services

German to english Translation Services

If you want to target the German market or need to communicate with them, it is better to translate your content into German rather than using English. For your help, we offer professional English to German Translation Services. Our professional standards, skilled translators, and up-graded industry knowledge make us a preferred name in the translation industry.

The fastest possible turnaround time is offered here without any sacrifice of quality. Thus, choosing Mars would save you plenty of time as well.

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Our Native German Translators

For delivering accurate and localized translations, we have skilled, trained and qualified native German translators. They know the differences among multiple versions of the language and translate your content into your desired one. All our translators are selected after quality checks in order to make sure that your valuable content is handled only by the top experts.

We ensure the timely delivery of meticulously translated content to ensure satisfaction for every client which is our top priority. Thus, whether you need urgent services, error-free translations or excellent localization, we are an all in one language service provider.

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German Document Translation Services


Mars translators find it very convenient to communicate, translate, or interpret in the German language as only professional native German translators are hired for all the services. You can get your document or website translated from English to German or from German to English with 99% satisfaction of accurate services. Get in touch with any of our experts for efficient German translation staring from $0.11 per word.

Mars Translation service provides translation and localization services in more than 90 different languages. We have experienced native German translators and interpreters who are specialized for in their specific fields and languages – providing equal quality services in all these languages. Our native German translators can translate any format and type of document for you; Accident reports, App content, educational documents, Legal documents, websites, procedures, software documents, medical documents, driver licenses, etc.
Mars Translation is acclaimed to have the fastest turnaround time of translating 2500 w/day. You can upload your document for an instant quote also and for the exact time duration of translating the document, our expert native German translator will get back to you accordingly. In case of urgency, your request will be catered by assigning more than one translator for completing your project.
Mars Translation enables you to build a long-lasting relationship with us – through our satisfying translation services and with your feedback. Once you create an account on Mars translation’s online portal, you become eligible to purchase credits and utilize the same in availing bundle offers. A standard package costs about USD 0.04 per word and the professional package costs USD 0.06 per word. You can buy Mars Credits and with bundle offers, you can save up to USD 140.
Mars Translation believes in keeping its customers intact for long and is committed to providing the best possible services. Therefore, from the time you join Mars translation to the moment you receive your final finished product, our support team will stay connected to you for completing your work as per your satisfaction. Our website algorithm ensures that your orders are only completed in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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