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Advantages of Settling Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Out of Court


Litigation is a vital legal method to settle disputes or controversies among and between persons, organizations and the State. In any litigation process, a lawsuit is brought before a court of law, which is appropriately granted by the jurisdiction, to hear the case by the parties that are involved as the litigants, for the resolution or the judgment. The lawyers prepare themselves for the upcoming litigation, by drafting their verbal arguments and also discussing about the suitable resolution for their clients.

Thailand has practically adopted a business law system that is highly influenced by several European countries law systems. The law systems here are inquisitive, have no trial by the jury and even use only the professional judges, who act on a case-to-case basis by defending and deciding on the factual points, which are being disputed before the court.

Although litigation in Thailand can be very costly, but it is highly recommended to take advice from a lawyer, before you pursue the litigation, as it can also be a fairly lengthy and a stressing situation. Check out the Thai litigation translation services, in case you want to know more about how to go about the process here.

There are several certified companies that provide good and experienced lawyers, if you have been injured and want to file a lawsuit. In case you have come from another region and are not aware of the Thai language, you can get in touch with the certified language translation services provider, to help you. Many people decide to settle their personal injury lawsuits out of court, the reason being that this settlement is much easier, faster and very cost effective.

Trials Are Expensive

The injured person in a personal injury lawsuit will definitely have to pay his attorney a certain amount of money, as a fee for his services. The most common deal that the attorney will receive is often 33 percent of any settlement before the trial, and 40 percent of the amount received once the trial starts.

Along with all this, there are additional expenses for the witnesses, court costs, traveling and also the time that has been lost from work. You also need to keep in mind that the faster the case settles, the less expensive the litigation process is for both the parties.

Trials Are Stressful

Although a typical personal injury trial does not normally last for a very long time, but the process can be extremely stressful for everyone. Both the parties can go through first examination and then cross-examination on the witness stand, and have their character shattered in front of everyone.

In addition to all this, the period of time that leads up to the trial can be very intensive not just for their attorneys, but even for both the parties. With a settlement, an agreement is worked out where the defendant typically pays the damages to the injured person, and the issue is concluded.

Another option for the injured person, who wants to file a lawsuit against the other party, is he can also do this by certain agencies that can even provide you online services, which can best suit your needs. In order to avail these services, you can make use of the online language translation services agency.

The Trial Process Is Very Long

The trial process can most probably take a year or maybe more than a year to commence, after the initial claim has been filed. Even if one of the parties wins the trial, the other party can prolong it by appealing the case in a higher court of law.

Even with a simple personal injury case, it is not unexpected for the entire process to take a very long time. On the other hand, with a settlement, both the parties are familiar of when and how much amount of money they need to exchange, and end the case then and there.

Even if you’re going for the online agency option, you can even have a detailed look at the online certified agency, where they have professionals in this field. So, take help from the online certified language translation service agency, as a better option.

Settlements Are Very Private

Even in a personal injury case, all the details of the trial are open to the public, unless the judge orders the records to be sealed. This means that all the testimonies the witnesses have given, all the evidences and every single thing relating to the trial, will be easily available for the public to read. Therefore; by settling the personal injury case out of court, you are in complete control of what needs to be private and what needs to be public, including the settlement amount.

These are the advantages that you can look forward to, while you are filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you have any more inquiries relating to this, get hold of the Thai Litigation translation services.