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Advertisements Playing With The Minds


Everyone like to think that they are not affected by advertisement, but unless have never seen a single advertisement in your life, the selection and choosing process is affected by these advertisement after seeing them. Every advertisement changes your opinion on a brand or product, unless the advertisement is shown in the right format. When the people understand advertisement completely their minds are affected by them surely.

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You may see some advertisement, where you think, why anyone would decide to buy this product soon after watching the ad, and no longer to have the consumer immediately pick up the phone and buy the product. The purpose of these advertisements is not to inform the consumer about the products and its features.

The reason is for example companies such as McDonalds almost has universal recognition, still advertise is because they are trying to build an opinion and corresponding brand image in their consumers minds. There two main psychological methods that marketers use now days for their advertisements.

Mere Exposure method:

These are those minimalist, bare bones advertisements that make you scratch your head and wonder why the company would spend thousands of on them. This is because everyone is comfortable in groups. If one line at the bank is considerably longer than the other, people will almost go into the longer line, because they think there must be a reason that people choose one line or the other. They think that that one line is better than the other or that one line is correct than the other.

It’s just the easier or more comfortable decision. It’s the same king of idea in consumer psychology. By exposing consumer to the brand, the consumers start to feel like they know it.

Classic conditioning method:

The thought at the back of this technique came from the study done by Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov in the 1890s. Pavlov noticed that his dog would start to salivate whenever he enters to room, even if he didn’t have food. This was because dog has expectation that he would receive food when Pavlov came into the room, because every time he did have food, he would walk into the room.

The same psychological principal works with humans. Brands will try to have certain feelings, reactions, or images associated with their product. If in their advertisement they show certain images in conjunction with their products, the consumer will subconsciously relate the image to a product. The best part of this technique is that it always works. No matter how much you try to block out the advertisements, as long as you see them you will start to subconsciously relate the two images.