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Basic Outlines of Death Certificates Translation Services

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A death certificate is a vital document which is issued by a doctor that certifies that the person is deceased. This document declares the date, location, time and also the reason of death of that person. Before issuing a death certificate, the hospital authorities ask for a certificate from the doctor, to validate the cause of death and acknowledge the person’s identity. In some areas, either a police officer or a paramedic is asked to sign a death certificate especially when the cause of death is obvious such as in extreme old age.

If there is a death of any family member in Portugal, the first thing that is done is to call a local doctor who confirms the death and issues a death certificate. The death of the person must be within 48 hours at the Civil Registry Office in the district where the death has occurred. In Portugal, just as in the other countries, obtaining the death certificate is free of cost and is valid for ever. Check out the Portuguese Death Certificate Translation Services, in case you in need of more information relating to this issue.

As the death certificate is in the form of a document. Take help from the Documents Translation Services, if you cannot read and understand Portuguese. There are two types of death certificates that are available.

Standard Death Certificates

The standard death certificate provides the most inclusive information about the death of the person. In this document, details such as age, race, gender, date and time of the death, place of death and also the cause and manner of death is very valuable. Some doctors don’t believe that death caused by cardiac arrest is possible meaning that only when the doctor is not able to identify the reason, this is what is said. According to the National Association of Medical Examiners, approximately 20% of the death certificates are signed by the medical doctor.

Several government agencies and private firms make use of the standard death certificates for administrative purposes. So, if you want to know more about the death certificates that are issued in Portugal, make use of the Portuguese Death Certificates Translation Services.

Interim Death Certificates

Interim death certificate is supplied by the Registry depending on case-to-case history especially where the cause of death has not be declared by the doctor. This certificate has the same information as the standard death certificate except for the reason of death and also includes a special note saying that the cause of death is under investigation. Interim death certificates are often used for immediate administration purposes. Once the cause of death has been recognized by the doctor, a standard certificate is given to the family members.

In most of the states, death certificates are treated as special documents and therefore, any family member of the deceased is liable to get this certificate. A detailed explanation of the cause of death is based on 4 things.

  • The immediate reason of death such as heart failure.
  • The secondary reason of death as myocardial infacture.
  • The delayed cause of death as why the death was so slow.
  • Any other diseases the person had at the time of death.

Numerous people, while living in Portugal, are not aware of the Portuguese language. They can hire the best Portuguese Translation Services for their help. Similarly, if you have any more inquiries about the death certificates that are issued, do take help from the Portuguese Death Certificate Translation Services.