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Tourists’ Special: Places To Go In the Basque Country

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The Basque country was once an unfamiliar region shared between Northern Spain and Southern France on the Atlantic coast. Now it has become a popular destination in the tourism industry; it can be noticed on several brochures and leaflets published by leading tour operators of the world.

Make use of Interpreting and Language Translation Services to know more about the Basque country, which is one of Europe’s oldest and most culturally rich territories. You will find videos and blogs uploaded by locals and tourists that will show how much this place has to offer – modern cosmopolitan cities, old-fashioned villages, lush sceneries and an outstanding cuisine.

With Basque Brochures and Leaflets translation you can identify and explore particular attractions in the country that are only known to local dealers. There’s nothing to worry if you don’t find information in your language because you can translate any data with Affordable Translation Services available online.


Bilbao is said to be the heart of Basque country; it is the most ultra-modern city in the area. The main attraction is perhaps the ‘Guggenheim Museum’ with its unique architecture contributed ‘Frank Gehry’; in fact this city is famous for buildings designed by celebrated architects.

Apart from ancient treasures, it has an advanced night life, lavish shopping malls and an ageless metro system. Basque Brochures and Leaflets translation services can be used for translating any flyers or pamphlets distributed at public places.

San Sebastian

This city is praised for its majestic beaches and remarkable culinary status. Seven of its restaurants have been awarded with a total of fifteen Michelin stars; two of which stand in the list of top ten restaurants of the world. The Basque country is also famous for its wines and this city is known to have the largest number of bars internationally.


The bombing of this town in 1937 was the inspiration for Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece – the painting named Guernica (in Spanish). This city symbolizes Basque culture and politics; it has its own exquisite museums as well. It is also famous for hosting a special ‘Monday market’ which holds great significance in the country.

Other great places to visit:

  • La Rioja – offers the highest quality wines; the region of vineyards and wineries.
  • Hondarribia – a village of colorful constructions, that is also a heaven for foodies
  • San Juan de Gaztelugatxe – an exotic island with a fascinating history related to witches.
  • Getaria – fishing, wine tasting and a museum in the name of Cristobal Balenciaga (a world famous fashion designer), displaying his exclusive couture inventions.
  • Pamplona – San Fermin festival week (6th to 12th July) featuring thrilling activities like “running of the bulls”.
  • Biarritz – luxurious summer houses and spas, naturally preserved beaches and waters, plus a great place for surfing.
  • Bayonne – gothic churches, delicious indigenous chocolate and ham.

This is just a glimpse of the Basque traditions and natural assets. You can get more information from professional tour operators through official brochures and leaflets for tourists. Discover this country at a deeper level by applying Basque Brochures and Leaflets translation Services if foreign language is an obstacle.