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Basque Document Translation Services

Mars Translation provides a professional Basque translation service that covers a range of translation services for all formats of documents. We can translate from Basque to English, English to Basque or up to 108 pairing languages. We cover all industries including medical, business, agriculture or engineering, etc. Formats can include PDF, Words, or Excel etc.

Here is an example of the documents we translate:

  • Accident Reports
  • Academic Documents
  • Adoption Documents
  • App Content
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Brochures and Catalogs
  • Business Contracts
  • Company Policies
  • Driver's Licenses
  • Educational Documents
  • Employment Documents
  • Financial Documents
  • Government Documents
  • Graduation Certificates
  • Immigration Documents
  • Insurance Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Manufacturing Documents
  • Marketing Documents
  • Marriage Certificates and Divorce Decrees
  • Medical Documents
  • Newsletters
  • Passports
  • Personal Correspondence
  • Police Clearances
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Procedures
  • Publishing – Newspapers, Magazines, Books, etc.
  • Software Content
  • Technical Documents
  • Video Recording Scripts
  • Websites
  • Other Documents

Basque Website Localization Services

Need to localize your product and service for the new market? Mars Translation will be the best solution in doing so, as we are experienced in Basque website translation we guarantee a great timely performance. We have a team of professional and experienced Basque translators who are native Basque speaker and have the required knowledge of Basque localization. We can translate from Basque to English, or English to Basque. Our translation services are supported by a team of professional web engineers that provides technical support and customization. The following are some of the industries that we work in:

  • Beauty website
  • Personal blog website
  • Medical website
  • Translation website
  • Marketing website
  • Learning website

Basque Interpretation Services

You are ready to release the new product into the market by holding a product release conference, but the language barrier is holding you back? Mars Translation can be your best bet in offering a professional Basque interpretation service. We have a team of native Basque speakers who have complete knowledge of the culture and localization of Basque language to bring you the best solution. We are familiar with all presentation styles and industries. We promise for a quality service and full customer support.

  • Video conference
  • Face-to-face conference
  • Phone interview

Transcription Service

Did you just have a presentation or an interview with the local partners, but now you want to transcript the interview for a better presentation? Mars Translation is one platform that offers all services related relation to Basque language translation.

We are a professional Basque transcription company that has thirteen years of experience in the field of transcriptions. We provide Basque transcriptions for all formats and industries. We promise to deliver a fast, efficient and top quality Basque transcription service at very reasonable rates.

Subtitling Service

Mars Translation provides a professional Basque subtitling service to all industries and individuals.

Our Basque writers are educated according to all industries and formats of translations. We offer a quality Basque subtitling service with an efficient work speed to meet all scheduling of customer's requirement. 

Voiceover Service

Do you require someone to provide voice-over service in Basque language? Mars Translation can provide you with professional and proactive Basque voice-over service that will satisfy you and get you the results you desire.

Our speakers are native Basque professionals who have experience in voice-over and customizing for the script to achieve all localization goals. We offer a quality service with a professional work ethic in following the regulation of ISO. Any changes made to the script will be made with the permission of the clients. No work would be done until the client has approved the changes and is happy with it.

Interesting Facts About Basque Languages

  • Basque is a language isolate ancestral to the Basque people, who are indigenous to and mainly inhabit the Basque country, a region spanning an area in northeastern Spain and southwestern France.
  • It is spoken by 27% of Basque in all territories. Native speakers live in a contiguous area that includes parts of four Spanish Territories and the three ancient provinces in France.

We Are Certified

Mars Translation is a certified company that strictly follows the standards of ISO and ATA. Our promise of high quality translations and fast turnaround is guaranteed. Your content will be safe with us, your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

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