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6 Killer Benefits of localization

In this era of globalization, localization holds a very important role. In the language service industry and in the translation service provider, benefits of localization are more evident. Here the question rises what difference is between a translated website and a profitable one? Localization versus translation who will change the web site language.

Localization is adapting your content images, color, layout, and linguistic nuances according to the culture and needs of the target audience. Localization offers tangible advantages too.

Increase in Clientele

In order to market your product or service in your city. You need to make a strategy which is according to the needs and culture of the society. Furthermore, style and language should also need to be looked. It is called a pre-localization. Here the question rises why we are limiting our self to local market. There are many other ways to go globally.

With the ubiquity of Wi-Fi, use of mobile phones and laptops have increased the accessibility to millions of customers around the world. Online selling is not enough to increase clientele. Here comes the localization.

By localization, translating your product and service in one language will help to cater to new and potential market. If the customer is unable to understand your product and services then how will they purchase it.

Enhancing Revenue

Increase in clientele will enhance revenue. Research shows that only 25.3% of the global population is using internet in English. If your website, mobile and web applications are not translated in customers native language, you are missing a large number of potential customers. By translating your product in only one language will open the way to paying customers.

If your product and services are translated in Chinese language, you will be able to attract and cater billions of potential customers which will lead to an increase in revenue. New entrants in market need to know how they will market their product in specific location.

Every culture has different values and norms. Some cultures are inclined to purchase free and paid applications and some are hesitant to. Cultures who are inclined to purchase free and paid applications will increase their user base which will enhance their revenue.

Extenuate Cultural Sensitivity

Some companies and brands just focus on translating the bare text and skip the process of localization. In this way they are missing the advantages of localization. Localization is adapting yourself according to your target audience.

Change of colors fonts, format of time and date and choose that words which are fit in your culture are example of localization. In this way you can avoid culture sensitivity and it will help to build positive relationship between your brand and your market.

Building Relationship with Customers

Survey by European Union revealed that 9 out of 10 internet users said that they will like to use website which is in their own language.4 in 10 internet users are of the view that they are unable to get required information because website is on other other language which they are unable to understand.

Customer wants products and services which are available in the language which they understand. Catering customers in their language makes your business approachable to global market. It also shows that you care about customer needs and requirements.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

If you have a monopoly in the market, you are lucky one. You don’t need to compete with your competitors and win customers. Language can be used in apps, games, websites and online services as a competitive advantage. If your competition is available in English language you can get advantage with French speakers in the global market by offering their services in their language.

Localization of product and service means half the battle is done. If your competitor is thinking about localization as a strategy You must add more languages so as to keep yourself ahead of the race.

Strengthening Global Presence

Everyone wants its brand to be a globally recognized but one should not forget from where you started that is your local market. Brand name which is built locally but recognized globally depicts the positive association with the brand.

Great example is of KFC. KFC is the global brand present in many countries. It started from Kentucky. Kentucky place is seen on map also. When KFC entered oversea market it did not change its name and translated fried chicken. Infact KFC

Change its taste according to local people and localized its tagline according to local target audience. All the cultural and linguistic barriers can be removed by localization.


Localizing your solutions will help you to enjoy the benefits of localization. You need to make a strategy that is a localization strategy. Planning your localization strategy may be horrifying at first but it is attainable.

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