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Death Certificate Translation Services

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This is a world of rapid technological advances, marked by international expansions and business ventures outside the country of origin. As more companies and individuals realize the importance of moving into foreign countries, they require translation services to make the transition a reality.

The documentation and paper work required for this transition, whether it is related to immigration or record-keeping has to be translated into a language understood and spoken in the target country.

One Such Document is Death Ccertificate.

A death certificate is a document that is needed in case of immigration, or record-keeping. Most people opt to translate the death certificates of their loved ones to maintain a record with themselves. This is why an expert death certificate translation service is a necessity for many individuals.

Mars Translation is an internationally acclaimed, professional translation agency having almost two decades worth of experience in translation services. But translation of documents is not the only service provided by the experts of Mars Translation. Read on to find out what other things this professional translation agency offers to its international customers:

Quality Translations

Mars Translation was built on the principles of quality, accessibility and flexibility. Being a translation agency that has stood the test of time for 17 years and has delivered innumerable translations of documents and other services, the quality of the translations is bound to be one of the best.

This is why Mars Translation holds the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008, and is also a member of institutes such as American Translators Association (ATA) and Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). In addition to that, Mars Translation also complies with the GDPR regulations and rules to stay updated on the highest quality standards and practices.

Certified Linguists

Another quality that makes Mars Translation competitive among other translation agencies in delivering of death certificate translation services is the presence of certified linguists and translators.

Mars Translation possesses more than 5000 expert translators and linguists who provide quality translation services in more than 120 global languages. They are not only able to cover a wide number of languages for translation, but are also capable of delivering them before the due date. All you have to do is register your quote and communicate your requirements, as the linguists will take it from there without any hassle.

Cost-Effective Prices

When an individual seeks to translate his documents, cost is one of the deciding factors on which he makes a selection for a translation service is translation rate. Mars Translation understands that cost constraints on individuals and firms often force them to opt for cheap services that has low quality.

This is why Mars Translation has some of the most affordable and competitive rates in the translation marketplace with standard rates starting from as low as USD 0.044 per word and professional rates of USD 0.056 per word. In addition, these rates are free of any hidden charges or expert fees.

Multi-format Support

Mars Translation delivers professional death certificate translation services in the format of your choice. Whether your documents are in the format of PDF, DOC, XLS, XliFF, or CSV format, be assured of a seamless and expert translation service for your documents, irrespective of the language or word count.

Mars Translation does not only specialize in the translation of documents, it also covers translation of websites, software, games, E-commerce and E-learning platforms to cater to the needs of its international clients.

Fast Delivery

As mentioned above, the expert and professional linguists of Mars Translation deliver the translation services quickly and efficiently, even before the due date is over. This is because these linguists have executed the translation of more than 30,000 documents so far, with each of them catering accurately to the requirements of Mars Translation’s customers.

This is why these customers rely on the quick and efficient services of Mars Translation as any delays in the services can mean inefficiencies for the customers and could result in customer dissatisfaction.


A death certificate is a document that is needed by individuals for record keeping during the immigration process or when there is a case of obtaining nationality of a country. This is why a robust and professional translation services of the highest quality is needed to translate this document in the language of the customer’s choice.

Mars Translation caters to the requirements set by its valued customers, taking special care to translate all the documents submitted to it with utmost precision and accuracy.