Disadvantages of Machine Translation

By: Admin Posted on Fri, 30-10-2015

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Machine translation simply use the substitute word of source language for the target language to translate the content given by the user. Substitution of words cannot deliver the accurate results of the translation due to absence of phrase identification and developing intelligence. Usually machine translation can be good for single word translation services, but not appropriate for text translation, because the identification of the whole text and the relevant complements of the text is required for accurate translation, which cannot be the ability of a machine. 

Correctness of the Content:

Correctness is a basic element of any kind of content either it is business proposal, product guide, job offer, medical reports, legal documents, memorandum of association etc. Correctness is an essential element of an effective communication regardless of any language. So it is also very important to keep in mind while translating any content to another language that the correctness of the content should not be lost. Machine translation do not have the capability to maintain the correctness of the content while translating process. Mars Translation has a very skilled team of proofreaders who are responsible to deliver highly accurate translated text to our clients after a brief proofreading. “We are correct & we always deliver correctness”.

Conciseness of the Content:

A concise content have the ability to deliver the more information in short time to its readers. Machine translation dissolve the conciseness of the content by using the alternate word, of each word of the source language, which can lengthen the content (sometime even longer than the source content) and it offend the reader and also lose their attention to the main purpose of the text. Highly skilled and professional Martians Native Human Translators always committed to maintain the conciseness of the translated text by using their strong grip on the specific language.

Poor Understating of the Parent Language:

Machine translation cannot deliver the exact meaning of the parent language due to failure of accuracy and there are lot of ambiguity terms presented in the text by the machine. As Mars Translation is a bunch of native translators, so we are very professional to deliver the exact concept of the parent content.

Offensive Reading:

Any text translated by the machine always be offensive for the readers due the presence of ambiguity of meanings.  There are lot of grammatical errors remains in the machine translated text which are the major cause of reader’s offensiveness. At Mars Translation we provides native human translation services with 100% free from offensiveness.

Usage Limitations:

As the machine translation follows some systematic structures so there are many custom solutions remain unsolved in this regard. Machine translation is unable to translate from different file formats such as PDF, DOC, .TXT etc. if someone needs to translate a medical reports  and he/she just have JPEG or PDF file and also user is unable to type such documents, in this kind of scenarios machine language is useless. Mars Translation provide complete human translation services to our clients from any kind of file format.